DLDI Tool ver 1.23 & patcher 0.32

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    DLDI Tool ver 1.23 & patcher 0.32

    Latest update

    Commmand line DLDI Tool and GUI version of said DLDI patcher have been updated to ver 1.23 & version 0.32 by Chishm & bob fossil repectively.

    • Updated to latest source 1.23 from DevKitPro CVS.
    • Fixed dialog sizing error (Maxim).
    • Added icon (Maxim).
    • Added file filters to .nds browse dialog (Maxim).
    • nds browse dialog supports multiple selections (Maxim/bob_fossil)
    • Fixes to the output window with moved caret/text selections (Maxim).
    Make sure you pick up the dldi patch depending on the device you own, from here.

    [​IMG] DLDI Win32 GUI ver 0.32

    [​IMG] DLDI Win32 command line tool ver 1.23

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