DLC/XBLA on non-jtagged xbox

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    Excuse me for asking these stupid questions, but I don't really have good 'sources' yet where to find some recent infomation about this.

    Is it possible to run DLC/XBLA from a non-jtagged xbox? (which has the summer '09 update)
    Is it possible in some way to sign the DLC/XBLA with a key retrieved in a non-jtag way?
    Of course, I'm able to access my xbox hdd via PC, whenever needed.
    I know that the answer is probably no, but I remember some progress was being made with this, correct me if I'm wrong.

    What is a good website to follow new jtag-scene achievements? Like any progress/info about a possible Jtag for xboxes that did the summer '09 update.

    Any other major websites where ANY technical xbox-achievements are found?

    And again, sorry for the stupid questions.
    I have found tons of website with all kinds of scrambled xbox-hacking-scene information. But I was just wondering what the major websites are. (Like GBAtemp for the Nintendo scene. [​IMG])

    Thanks in advance. [​IMG]
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    Yes it is possible, its just that the only place Ive found the way to do it is illegal unfortunately and can't be posted here, It requires a hacked game and a hacked XBL account, if you google it, you might be able to find it.
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    1) There are two methods- one involves profile sharing and is a very bad idea. The other is so called modern warfare 2 glitch http://gbatemp.net/t244044-modern-warfare-...s-of-xbla-games
    I would not rely on it for much.
    Last one is there was a way you could glitch an older version of Shadow Complex (not just title update- older version so you will have to go looking for it like you would any other rom) to get past the demo cut off.

    DLC is a tricky one- the only answer I have is some of it. Stuff like mass effect 2, borderlands (or at least only the first two packs for now)

    A list I found 2 minutes ago from a site I have never heard of (I can vouch for oblivion, borderlands, fallout 3 and mass effect 2). You might be able to download it (do note most scene releases are not geared for this so be careful- most of this is from GOTY discs and the like) but it is probably just as easy to rip it from isos and transfer it to your hard drive.
    Aegis Wing
    Batman Arkham Asylum - Insane Night Pack
    Blue Dragon - Ultra Hard Mod
    Borderlands - Mad Moxxi/Zombie Island
    Civilization Revolution - Multiplayer Elemental Pack Single Player Maps Pack
    Dash of Destruction
    Fable 2 - GOTY content (Knothole Island/See The Future)
    Fallout 3 - Broken Steel - Part 1,Part 2,Part 3
    Operation Anchorage - Part 1, Part 2
    Halo 3 - Cold Storage Map
    Heroic Map Pack - Part 1,Part 2,Part 3
    Left 4 Dead - Survival Pack
    Mass Effect 2 - Preorder DLC
    Ninja Blade - Free Bonus Pack
    Oblivion - GOTY content (Shivering Isles/Knights of the Nine)
    OXM 67 - Oblivion Thieves Den/Wizard's Tower
    SW Snowboarding - The Freebie Pack
    The Wheelman - Street Showdown
    TotemBall (Xbox 360 Vision Cam Required)
    Worms - Demo

    As for keys I sense you might want to read http://www.se7ensins.com/forums/topic/4008...ning-explained/

    JTAG news for updated 360s- the second news gets published it will be echoed around the entire internet. Still http://www.xboxhacker.org/index.php is where most of the hackers that do this sort of thing hang out and report on although their proper research sections you need to be registered to see. Unless you are interested in trying to further the hacks (swinging a soldering iron yourself) then frankly there is not much point in signing up and pressing f5 once a day.

    My reply to your second question holds for the first. Occasionally some work on some things happens over at xbox scene and se7ensins although that is mainly making better programs and save editing with the occasional bit of map editing. There is a great site for save editors but they share content other than that so I can not link them here. If you search around for save editors you will soon find it though.

    Frankly though as soon as anything interesting happens in the 360 scene everyone knows about it.
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    Thanks alot. [​IMG]