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    DK£3713. The enormous Square-Enix event. New stuff abound, so lets start. Courtesy of

    Alright everyone it's started, and we won't just be covering the Kingdom Hearts games, we'll be covering all the games that are being shown there, mainly because it's not like TGS, or E3 where too much is being showcased at once, it's only showcasing a few games.

    <b>Kingdom Hearts Coded</b>
    - Kingdom Hearts Coded is set for a 2008 Winter release.
    - Coded supports full 3D battle and a horizontal mode that reminds people of Mario when they look at it.
    - Coded will be used on the current Mobile phones NTT DoCoMo、703i、903i
    - Co-op play can be done on the Event Side.
    - The Kingdom Hearts Mobile update will allow you to buy avatars and play minigames in 100 Acre Woods. The minigames allow you to earn ringtones and other goodies.
    - Coded's website is said to be up this year.

    <i>Trailer summary</i>
    In Twilight Town Cid appears.
    In another scene an Org XIII member is seen saying "Show me your power!"
    Mickey, Jimmy, Donald and Goofy are all around the journal and Mickey says "There's one wound left.
    A new scene is shown to the public.

    <b>Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep</b>
    - Is set for a 2009 Release
    - Aqua finally makes an appearance.
    - The Demo gives off the same feel as the PS2 version of Kingdom Hearts. Triangle is magic, and circle is normal attacks and special attacks. When the guage reaches to the max, press circle to perform special attacks.

    Demo notes

    - Terra's Demo is called "Enchanted Forest."
    - The new enemies are known as Ambers and after you defeat the Ambers you move across the bridge and to the castle.
    - A boss appears called "Wheel Master" once you defeat this boss the chapter ends.

    -Ven's Demo is called Castle of Dreams.
    - Ven becomes small and is the same size as a rat.

    Rat: "This is the King's Castle. All daughters in this country are called to a dance party that is held tonight."
    Ven: "Cinderalla is also going...
    Rat: Yes, however I need to prepare a dress for her.
    Ven: I remember a fellow who called Cinderella a while ago.
    Rat: Ah, Dancing in the castle has always been a dream of Cinderella. She lives in a nother world where all she does is clean and wash.
    Ven: I understand...I know that feeling. Well then we'll make Cinderella realize that dream.
    Rats: Yes we will.
    Ven: We'll make the dress. Will you create the dress while I look for the materials?
    Rat: It's a good idea. Well then may you look for 2 pieces of clothing in the room below. Also a white ribbon, pink string will be good as well. I'll be making the dress here.Also can you watch of for Lucifer?
    Ven: Lucifer?
    Rat: He's a brutal cat. He steals and attacks.
    Ven: Understood.
    - After you find the pieces you are asked to return to the area in which you are attacked by the boss.
    -Terra's special attack is "Photon Charge" Ven's is "Star Burst"

    The trailer starts at the inner court of a castle. Someone is leaving from the entrance while Aqua is dancing and Ven and Terra are watching her. They are startled and the three gather.

    In the Castle of Dream someone is running with a blue Gem that ven is carrying.

    Lucifer attacks Ven

    Rat: It is dangerous! Run away before it's too late!

    The World of the Enchanted Forest.

    Malificent: Seven pure hearts without darkness at all? If they are collected then all the worlds can be obtained.

    Back inside the Castle

    Aqua: Any clues of Master Xehanort?
    Terra: He is interested in the minds of pure light.
    Aqua: Minds of pure light?
    Terra: We are alsoafter that light. If we do so Master Xehanort will come.

    World of Snow White

    Snow White: Well that was rough.
    Terra: Wern't you surprise?
    Snow White: No
    Terra: (..I can feel pure light from her. Does this person have the mind of a pure light?)

    Dim Place

    Ven: It's a lie!
    Aqua: Don't be deceived. (In thought)Terra is, learning after all and he isn't like that.
    Malificent: The truth is cruel isn't it..

    The blog poster forgot the area.
    Aqua: I want to hear it again. I refuse to have Ven spoken such lies.
    Malificent: All of it is true. Terra is careless with his power and slowly descends into darkness.
    Aqua: Leave!

    <b>Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days</b>
    - Is set for a 2008 Winter release
    - 14th's Member name is Xion (Xeon?) シオン. She also looks like Kairi. UPDATE According to Maiki it's Shion

    Demo is the same as last year's TGS which was defeating the heartless however this time you can play the demo with others around the area. This is to showcase the multiplayer.


    The scene starts with Namine.

    Diz: Is there a problem with him waking in this place since he's missing a little bit of memory.
    Namine: It's an important key for him..."
    Diz: "Do you know something?
    Namine: She cannot surely endure if she connects with another memory.
    Diz: ...She?

    Beasts Castle:

    Riku: Who are you! That Keyblade...why!?
    14th Member: Only you left the Organization...why?
    Riku: The purpose was not to allow my best friend's sleep to be obstructed.

    -after a short stare down-

    Riku: Who are you!? That Keyblade is fake.
    14th Member: That is a selfish remark, you know it's not.
    Riku: "Certainly, it's from a nobody."

    Twilight Town:
    Axel: The ammount of times you're taken and how many times I return after I run many times?

    (White room in Twilight Town)
    The 14th member meets Namine

    Namine: wanted to meet?

    <b>Final Fantasy Dissidia</b>
    - Is set for a 2008 December release.
    - Will have a bundled version, however unknown as to what will be in the bundle.
    - Will have a POTION set for it.
    - Kefka and Sephiroth make their first in-game appearance.
    - Jecht use to be on Cosmos' side however betrayed for Chaos' side.
    - Ex-Death and Golbez are confirmed in Dissidia.
    - In a short video, the Cosmos side is shown as a cliff rises and then switches to the Chaos side where flames rise and 10 people rise. (Probably all 10 FF villains from 1-10)

    <b>Final Fantasy VII: ACC</b>
    -Is set for a March 2009 Release.
    -Will come with a demo version of Final Fantasy XIII for the PS3 in the bundled version.
    - The bundled version will also contain High Quality trailers of Versus XIII, and Final Fantasy XIII.

    <b>Final Fantasy Agito XIII</b>
    Agito has decided to be put on the PSP as well as the mobile.

    <b>Final Fantasy XIII</b>
    -A demo version of Final Fantasy XIII (PS3 version) will be bundled with Advent Children Complete
    - Is set for a 2009 Release
    - Short and smooth animation is shown at the entrance.
    - A Voice actor will be announced, though hasn't been announced yet.
    - The feeling of the fields in FFXIII are expanded, and evolved from FFXII. (Not the combat, the actual areas.)
    - Lightning can Jump now.
    - Nomura denies a PC version of Final Fantasy XIII
    - Xbox 360 version hasn't even started yet due to not having the right tools.
    - Nomura boasts about FFXIII showing a simple animation of Lightning walking up stairs in real time animation and believe it or not it was the most amazing thing anyone's ever saw.

    <b>Final Fantasy Versus XIII</b>
    - Stresses even more that it'll be for PS3 only by saying "Playstation 3 Only worldwide"
    - Short and smooth animation of the game is shown at the entrance.
    - Gameplay of vsXIII is shown for the first time.
    - Prince's name is rumored to be Shinjuku
    - An area like an Olympus is shown, with a lot of nature.
    - The female character in Versus XIII has gone through improvements.
    - There is a Museum in FFvsXIII that has some of Amano's artwork in it.
    - FFvsXIII's clothes are spawned form a Collaboration of Square-Enix and ROEN (Japanese fashion company)

    <b>The Third Birthday</b>
    Has decided to be put on the PSP as well as the mobile.

    <a href="" target="_blank">Famitsu Article on 3 KH games and Dissidia</a>
    <a href="" target="_blank">FFAgitoXIII and THird Birthday hits PSP</a>
    <a href="" target="_blank">Advent Children comes with FFXIII Demo</a>


    <img src="" border="0" class="linked-image" />
    <img src="" border="0" class="linked-image" />

    Sources: 2ch, FF7AC Reunion, Famitsu, FF&KH Blog

    All text I used was blatantly copy/pasted from:

    <a href="" target="_blank"></a>


    Final Fantasy Dissidia-
    <img src="" border="0" class="linked-image" />

    Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days-
    <img src="" border="0" class="linked-image" />
    <img src="" border="0" class="linked-image" />

    Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep-
    <img src="" border="0" class="linked-image" />

    Kingdom Hearts CODED-
    <img src="" border="0" class="linked-image" />

    Final Fantasy Agito XIII (I think)-
    <img src="" border="0" class="linked-image" />
    <img src="" border="0" class="linked-image" />

    Third Birthday (Parasite Eve series?)-
    <img src="" border="0" class="linked-image" />

    Final Fantasy XIII-
    <img src="" border="0" class="linked-image" />

    Final Fantasy Versus XIII (I think)-
    <img src="" border="0" class="linked-image" />
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    Really excited over 258/2, Dissidia, and Third Birthday. Loved Parasite Eve when I played it as a kid.
    And I'm really happy to hear about Kefka being in Dissidia. Screw Sephiroth, he's the best villain.
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    I love Kefka as well! But I'm even more impressed and pleased that Golbez and Ex-Death are going to be in it! [​IMG]
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    i think xion is most likely, the name shion isn't according to the (unwritten) rules of the organisation.(all members have an X in their name)
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    Looks like 1UP doesn't like 358/2 Days:

    They say the camera is horrid, the engine doesn't allow more than 3 enemies on-screen at once (their stats are beefed up). Of course, they were talking about the four-player mode, so single-player may have more enemies at once. They also spent an entire paragraph hating the game title. They also said the controls are bad (or rather going from analog stick to a D-pad is). The only things nice they have to say is that the game is pretty with detailed environments and that the frame rate is great.

    I'd like someone to report how the music is coming along.

    1UP has nothing but praise for BBS:

    I haven't trusted 1up since they said Chrono Trigger DS was retaining it's old english script. They lied as many other media sources (like siliconera) detailed the dramatically new translation.

    And apparently, Ven's full name is Ventus.
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    More interested in the single player mode so eh.
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    Once I get this, I can die happy.
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    Heh... no matter what these graphic whores say, I will play the hell out of 358 no matter how it will turn out, since it looks great and SE is going all out on this one (which is quite a thing to do on DS Games these days), that one screen:


    totally proved that for me, h.a.n.d is doing a amazing job no matter how they rant about the name and whatsnot just because they wanted both for the PSP, DS forever xD !
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    for Final Fantasy Dissidia:
    there is atlest
    1 hero and 1 VILLAIN form FF EACH GAME

    Kefka and "Terra?/Celes?/Locke?/"General Leo?"(this one may be hard to pick)
    Sephiroth and "Cloud?"
    Ex-Death and "Bartz?"
    Golbez and "Cecil"

    in BOLD are my picks
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    Definitely Terra for FF6. I'd love to see her in a proper 3D model (no the crappy ones for the PSX remake). It might even give us a hint at what she'd look like for the possible (upcoming perhaps?) DS remake of FF6. [​IMG]