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Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by SFenton, Dec 1, 2009.

  1. SFenton

    SFenton ಠ_ಠ

    Oct 14, 2008
    United States
    Ohai guys.

    Well, with the release of DJ Hero, we have a brand new format to tool around with. Of course, being the customs system of choice, this thread is mainly dedicated to hosting the Wii.

    The audio appears to be in .FSB formats (In this directory):

    Partition 1/Wii/Audio/Audiotracks/DJHXXX/SinglePlayer/Medium/AudioTrack_Main.fsb.

    An interesting note is that I think that .fsb files were used in Guitar Hero III, so there may be tools out there that can help.

    There's also some tools in the GHWT PC thread that will decrypt FSB files.

    As of late, I can't track any note charts in the game. I'd appreciate help on finding those.

    TOOLS (Updated when needed):
    FSBii 0.6
    GHWT PC tools (xmaextract?)
    USB Loader

    We'll start on-disc and move to DLC later, as DLC is only able to be stored on the NAND, no SD Card support.

    Intersting notes: There are several plain .txt and .xml files in the game. I wonder if a simple mod/repack would be able to change the game that easily. (Surely they would have been smarter after the whole Conduit fiasco, but, you know...)

    All are welcome to help, and since it's all on-disc for now, all are welcome to beta.

  2. SFenton

    SFenton ಠ_ಠ

    Oct 14, 2008
    United States
    Hate to bump a thread that apparantly nobody is interested in, but GameZelda and RawkSD guy AerialX have extracted a MID file. Here is what I concluded after looking at it:

    C2- Maybe the red button?ÂÂI'm not sure what those five-note things are but the intro beats on C2 seem to match up even just slightly with the red notes in the song.
    C3- Looks like the first green note in the song.
    C4- Also a red note, the one after the first green note?
    Note A below C3- At 8 seconds in, it appears to be the first crossfade to the 2nd record (or track, whatever you like)
    (This would, I think, make Bflat below C3 the "normal" crossfade position).
    C#, above C4, appears to be the buttom-spam-free-for-all freestyle mode.
    Look at 16 seconds into the MID file.ÂÂSee the extend on B below C3?ÂÂIf I'm right, that note should have only been on Green crossfade for 1.25 measures.ÂÂInstead, it's 1.5.ÂÂIt resyncs perfectly to where blue crossfade begins, though.
    So blue crossfades on A below C3 seem legit.
    At 11:29- There is a note on C3 and C2, which corresponds to the Green/Red in the game.
    @27:00- Note on C4, extend on D above C7.ÂÂPossibly the "effects" area on the green track?ÂÂThough this would contradict the earlier hypothesis that C4 was, in fact, a green note.
    Notes on G above C9- Lunno.ÂÂWould have thought it was Euphoria, but I see no effect on the in-game track.
    C# above C3- Down scratch on green, I think.ÂÂBased on 1:03 in the video.
    D above C3- Up scratch on green.ÂÂTaken from the same part of the video.
    D above C2- Up scratch on blue. 1:05 in the video.
    C# above C2- Down scratch on blue.ÂÂ1:05 in the video.
    B below C3 is odd- during one of the blue crossfades in the MIDI, there are two sixteenth notes that jut out of it but have no correspondence to the song.
    Interesting- C# above C2 is also just a blue button press?
    This is confusing.ÂÂThe developers appear to have used the same notes for different purposes, and I have no idea why/how to decipher.ÂÂHeck, even some of the scratches seem to use different notes in different spots.
    Worse off, I can't tell by the slightest how Euphoria works.
    It's either my whole idea of it or the chart extracted wrong.ÂÂMaybe try another one (FGI vs. IHITTG I know really well), or confirm with me?
    So yeah, there's that. Also, GameZelda found some great stuff:

    DLC is only able to be stored on the NAND, so it's in two app files. I'm not sure of the contents yet.

    Anyways, that's what I got out of looking at it.

    What I think is important to the game:
    -The sections that denote where the crossfader should be
    -Small button presses.

    I'm not sure:
    -What the sustains in the higher-up areas of the MIDI (say, C8 and above) do. For the sake of testing I'd leave them in until we can figure it out.
    -Why some notes are used for dual purposes, and how the game interprets them. Of course, I could be wrong.
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