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    okay so i have some videos on my pc ripped from DVDs and reduced in size but not quality [​IMG] and i know there is a way to burn them to CD and play them in my DVD player without owning a DivX compatible player. umm maybe convert them to svcd but how would i go about that? I have seen it done a few years ago perfectly without suffering a large amount of quality loss. Any suggestions other than go buy the movie are welcome thx.
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    Jul 31, 2006
    I think you can create VCDs with Nero.
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    Jul 10, 2006
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    Go to www.Doom9.org and look at the guides section. Or search for avi2dvd among others.

    If you are in the US the simplest option might be to buy a philips DIVX player. A number of shops are selling these for $29 on black friday (normal retail about $59).

    It6's picture quality is average but it plays everything you can throw at it (DIVX, SVCD, DVD+R etc)
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    TMPGEnc [homepage] is a fast (and almost easy) way to convert your videos to .mpg files. I use an outdated version (v2.512) but the wizard should also be included with newer versions (the only thing I can imagine is that it might got even easier to convert).
    Please note that it's not free if you want to convert to MPEG2 (SVCD).
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    is there a way to fix divx files that cut out?

    like on my phillips dvd player iit cuts off
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    First check your player does not have MPEG4 ASP support (quite a few players have this nowadays and divx is a MPEG4 ASP codec, when you do go this route make sure it is ASP rather than MPEG4 SP), if it supports this then you should be able to mess with a few things (sticking it in another container usually) and get it all working.

    Transcoding to MPEG2 (an then SVCD or VCD) is ill advised especially if you are interested in quality (VCD can be compared to VHS quite acceptably). If you do want an MPEG2 Encoder to make DVDs the free QuEnc and HCEnc (both available on this site: http://www.bitburners.com/ ) with your sources should work as good as any commercial app, from here I would personally author a simple DVD (there are loads of authoring apps but http://download.videohelp.com/liquid217/dvdauthorgui.pl would be a nice place to start)
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    KVCD= full movie at near DVD quality (when encoded properly) on one CD