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    Disney Epic Mickey is coming along quite nicely on Nintendo Wii it seems. In addition to the the 3D platforming and painting and thinning, there are some cool 2D platforming sections based off old Disney cartoons. These remind me very much of the classic game Mickey Mania from the 16bit era (where the goal is to travel through the history of Mickey Mouse cartoons in the form of platforming levels). The new trailer for Disney Epic Mickey shows off some of these levels. They are a bit traditional, but they will bring a smile to your face. Have a look-

    The story behind Epic Mickey is classic Disney, but with a dark tone. Years before the game, the sorcerer Yen Sid (of Fantasia fame) created a world called Wasteland for Disney cartoon creations that have long since been abandoned. It take the shape of a small model on a table. Unfortuntately, in an act of mischief, a younger Mickey Mouse manages to get into Wasteland via a magic mirror from his home and accidentally spills paint and paint thinner all over the model. He tries to cover his mess up, but his act creates the Phantom Blot, who takes over Wasteland for himself. The residents (including Oswald the Lucky Rabbit) tried but failed to overpower him, but they fail and the Wasteland is transformed into a sinister version of itself.

    Many years later, after the villains had taken over Wasteland and Mickey had long forgotten what he did to the place, Mickey's mirror suddenly sucks him into the Wasteland world. The Phantom Blot and his villain army are after Mickey's heart, something that apparently no one in Wasteland has and is an extreme source of power (sounds like they took some ideas from Kingdom Hearts). They attempt to take Mickey's heart, but he escapes and realizes that he brought this ruin to the Wasteland. From here on, Mickey decides to right the wrong he has caused.

    Epic Mickey is a platformer first and foremost. Mickey has access to paint and paint thinner in the game though, which allows you to erase or create new parts of the world by pointing the Wiimote and spraying the paint and thinner on the environment or even characters. The interesting part is that your actions in the wasteland world will affect the inhabitants' perception of you. People that may have been your ally may not like you anymore and refuse to help you if you destroy their home. This brings some interesting story mechanics to the mix. There are apparently also RPG elements to the game as well. [/p]

    Disney Epic Mickey is scheduled to be released sometime this holiday 2010. No specific date, but expect it to be released sometime in December or before.

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    That looks sooooo weird, but I'll give it a shot when it comes out.
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    Hmm... I was looking forward to this... [​IMG]
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    game looks fantastic and there's 2 ways to play you can go around erasing everything or paint it which will you be good...or evil? [​IMG]
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    I was looking forward to it but...

    As of now... it just seems like a fail movie based game orz

    I wish they'd stuck to that post-pocalyptic/steampunk concept they had...