Disgraceful Block Usage

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    I was beginning to get concerned that my free block count was getting low on the Wii so decided to go through my save game files to see if there was anything I could delete there to reclaim some space. I have a very bad habit of playing some games once so knew there'd be some rubbish save game files I could remove.

    Most save game files seemed to be 1 to 2 blocks so not much saving until I came accross the save game file for the crappy "My Sims" game... 97 blocks!!!! OMG!!!! That's more than a couple of old VC titles of space! How can the save game of My Sims take up as much space as Donkey Kong Country and Super Mario Bros 3 complete games combined!!!!

    A few other disgusting offenders that I can't erase yet because I still play them are Wii Ski up in the 80s and Super Smash Bros save file coming in at a whopping 128 blocks!!!

    How can these games be such hogs when you see something like the save game of Super Mario Galaxy taking up 1 block and even the likes of Mario Kart Wii only taking up about 23?

    Anyway... not sure if this has been covered before but thought I'd raise the point in case anybody else is looking to increase their block free space back up.

    btw, a question, how long should it take to transfer a channel to the SD card? I had to power off, which I know I shouldn't, because it just seemed to be taking forever to copy over a 59 block channel to the SD card.
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    The reason that Super Smash Brothers takes up 128 and Galaxy only about 1 is that Mario Galaxy only needs to store which stars you have and which you don't, and perhaps some other booleans. Super Smash Brothers also stores Custom Stages and stuff.

    And I think transfering a 200 blocks channel to SD cart took me about 10 to 15 minutes or something, which indeed is quite long, dunno why it's like that.
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    Why it takes so long is because the SD slot from the wii isn't that fast [​IMG]
  4. lou_weed

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    Mar 11, 2008
    depends on the SD speed as well , faster SD's go much faster.
    I transferred Star Soldier R yesterday (around 160 blocks) in less than 5 minutes - I know it because I managed to copy it , delete and install TV show king in the Champions league final halftime break last night
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    Hmmm, exactly how much space is a 'block'?
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    1 block = approx 128KB