Disgaea 2 - Dark Hero Days Looking the lost characters

Discussion in 'PSP - Hacking & Homebrew' started by greenlanternx, Apr 27, 2014.

  1. greenlanternx

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    Sep 16, 2012
    Since the last DLC for this game was released in 2010 (official info in us.playstation.com), I was looking for a way to include the lost characters (Gig, Dark Eclair and Miable) and maybe the NPCs (Toro & Kuro)
    I found something quite disconcerting
    1.) all decrypted DLCs are the same (Binary Comparison)
    2.) if I rename the DLC with another name (DL_US_00 - DL_US_06) activate the corresponding DLC char, out of range (07->) are not detected....
    3.) if I put another DLC (such as the jap dlc) with US name in range 00-06 the game dies, but with another number (07->) are not detected.
    4.) unpacking DLC file with NISDecmp NISUnpack and La Pucelle Toolpack( by DragonRagnarok) I found the 3 missions (in DUNGEONS.DAT ) between the official releases (Another Princess - The Strongest Guy - Antiphona) but in talk.dat nothing related
    -NISA never planed to release them (I read in some forums about people who bought this game only for this characters, so NISA F@·½~ them , sorry)
    -In somewhere in the game, is the code looking for DLC in range 0-6
    -In somewhere in the DLC, is the logic to select the right character for the right slot (since in game code have no references to DLC missions)

    I found anything else, I will update this thread

    have a nice day


    DLC structure

    DL_US_**.edat => NISPack
    cutinPack.dat => NISPack , only have anm***.dat
    sound_04_us.dat =>some kind of sound file...
    sound_05_us.dat =>some kind of sound file...
    start_us.lzs =>LZS Nis
    anm0000.dat=>some animation
    char.dat=>name of all chars (includes the lost three ) and Job's list
    charhelp.dat=> characters description blocks (includes the description of lost three)
    comb.dat=>compiled code??
    dungeon.dat=>name of all missions (each mission have some hex code, related have secuencial code, Example Map1 code E7, Map2 code E8 )
    effect0.psp3d => compiled code??
    face.dat=>compiled code??
    HABIT.dat => generic job's list
    InProgramTxtDB=> menus, help texts, game messages
    magic.dat=> all skills and description block (includes the skills for the 7 released, I don't know the other 3.... )
    mitem.dat=> all items, included magichange items (includes magichange all dlc chars, including the lost three )
    mp50001.datpsp=> compiled code??
    music.dat=>music shop "items"
    script00.dat=> compiled code??
    talk00.dat=>all dialogs (some DLC have alternative dialogs...... I can't find dialogs for the lost three, maybe don't have.....)
    WISH2.dat=>assist as senator "missions"
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