[Discussion] HaxxStation: Download Play for the Wii U?

kornychaos Jun 10, 2017.

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  2. Felek666

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    Jan 3, 2017
    Relay Tools works like a server.
    Server is hosted on Wii U and players can locally play it on 3DS using 3DS version of the game.
    Download Play is a other thing, that's more likely Spotpass and automatic software downloads.
    But, I know nothing so I'll leave it to professional such as @QuarkTheAwesome and many other devs.
  3. QuarkTheAwesome

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    I'm not really sure how that DS exploit works (do you host a .nds? Is there a server? I have no idea) but I can tell you a bit about nn_dlp. There's not much on it since nobody's turned up a game that uses the library. It's also not immediately obvious how to use it based on things like function names (as a counter-example, one can easily deduce what OSForceFullRelaunch does. nn_dlp's function names aren't so descriptive). This means, short of looking it up in the SDK, it's hard to tell how to use the library since it's not self a documenting and we don't have a reference implementation. To top it all off, iirc it's C++. Nintendo's C++ libraries have never been used in homebrew to my knowledge and it's not immediately obvious how one would make it work. So yeah, it's possible from a technical standpoint, but practically it'd be a PITA.

    As for MH3, it doesn't look to be using Download Play; since the software has to be already on the 3DS.
    We know that the hardware is capable of doing Download Play stuff for both the DS and 3DS, it's just a case of how...
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  4. Whovian NineThreeSixNine

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    You modify a copyrighted DS Download Station 01 rom to inject Homebrew, as far as I can tell. Put that on a flashcart, boom.

    Now that is IF I'm reading it correctly.
  5. kornychaos

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