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Oct 21, 2005
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I know there are threads where this gets discusses, but the started as something else, so i think a new one is in place (if not, mods feel free to do what you want)

It's not a how to, it's to post and discuss your result for system transffering the (Legit/Clean) pre-installed games you got ripped with rxTools and converted to CIA with FunkyCIA(2) and have installed in Sysnand.
To find a way to get them all to a target system that is not hackable anymore (beyond 9.2/9.4, mostly latest sysnand)

You can discuss how to and what you did to try it.
We want to system transffer the pre-installed games to another 3DS system on latest Sysnand
- Emunand to Sysnand
- Sysnand to Sysnand
- How many games did you try it with?
- Etc...

No asking where to get the games or other off-topic stuff please!
Try to avoid Emunand to Emunand transffer, that's not what we want.

My setup:
- 3DS XL Hardmodded on Sysnand 9.2 for installing the games and upgrading it later to sysnand 9.6 as Source
- 3DS XL on 9.6 Sysnand as target

I tried Emunand to Sysnand Transffer, and that failed over and over, so i tought, Sysnand to Sysnand will work for sure.

Here's what i did:

Result from Sysnand to Sysnand transffer.

Source: 3DS XL Hardmodded on 9.6 Sysnand
Target: 3DS XL on 9.6 Sysynand
Goal: System Transffer the pre-installed games from Sysnand to Sysnand (No emunand involved)

- 3DS XL with Hardmod on 9.2 sysnand
- Made backup of NAND with win32diskimager
- Installed all pre-installed games with DEVMENU on Gateway Red card (not installed as cia, to keep the system as clean as possible from hack stuff) to Sysnand (All 16 European ones)
- Didn't setup Emunand, cause i did not need it
- Updated 3DS XL to 9.6 Sysnand afterwards
- Setup NNID
- eShop NNID said i had downloaded all the preinstalled games
- Wiped some pre-installed games
- eShop NNID said i could redownload the games i wiped (so i did)
- Downloaded some free games (Pokémon Shuffle and Rumble and IronFall Invasion aswell the free submarine game)
- Played all games.
- Formatted Target 3DS XL (You can't have a NNID setup on the Target system)
- Setup System again so i could start System Transffer
- System Transffered 3DS XL hardmodded on 9.6 sysynand to 3DS XL on 9.6 Sysnand

- The pre-installed games did not transffered, i could not redownload them
- The free games did show up on the target 3DS XL
- All pre-installed games are greyed out with an X in software management and you cand wipe/backup them, only wipe everything works)

Side Note:
- User "Katlanie" mentioned she/he could redownload the pre-installed games on the Source system after setting it up again and linking a NNID to it, so i tried that to, and she/he was right about that.

After the transfer completed I swapped cards. On the target, all were not shown on the home menu and looking into the software management, it all had the grey x's. Eshop prompted me that I had to purchase them.

Now for the strange results, on the source, none were present on the menu or software management settings. This was expected as it no longer had the sd attached to that console. However, when going in eshop again I did the setup steps to gain access and when searching all the games for each 12 of them, it shows me that I can redownload the games.

I find this very interesting as it should have wiped it off the system. But it seems that with no ID it did not transfer the data of the games to the target. I will have to delay the hardmod now as I will just attach a ID to this source 2DS again and do another transfer next Monday. But hopefully yours went well with a ID attached.

- When setting up the source 3DS again, i could redownload the pre-installed games on that system with another NNID configured, in normal circumstances, everything should be wiped on the source 3DS system

So we do miss something more that is needed to transffer the pre-installed games. they show up fully legit and you can play them on your source 3DS on Sysnand 9.6 (No emunand was ever involved) You can download the updates and wipe and redownload them.

I'm not a tech guy but it seems the ticked.db transffered from source does not included the needed info to redownload them again or show up on the target system. The games did not get linked to the NNID, so they didn't get transffered with the NNID.
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