Disccusion of current and potential online/eSports 1st party titles for the Switch.

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    Splatoon 2 with more updates seems like a real contender for eSports, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is great online with smaller tournaments crowds, upcoming Pokken Tournament DX seems pretty solid too.

    Now that we have a fighter (ARMS), a shooter (Splatoon 2) and a racer (Mario Kart 8 Deluxe), what else can Nintendo bring this generation to put the Switch over the top for online and competitive multiplayer games:

    Coming soon:

    Pokken Tournament DX
    Super Smash Bros. for the Switch (pretty much confirmed)
    Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle (I hope they surprise use with a online multiplayer mode)
    Fire Emblem (I hope his too has online multiplayer as a surprise)


    Star Fox (online multiplayer focused air combat)
    Metroid Prime 4 (online multiplayer done right)
    Pokkemon RPG (online battles done right)
    Mario Sports (Strikers comes to mind)
    Mario Party Switch (online capabilities)
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    Rocket League also coming soon. Personally I'd buy all the games you listed, but not necessarily because of their online features.
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    Step one would surely be to have good netcode and we have been waiting for that little miracle for the last however many years?

    Nintendo also seems hesitant to play to any kind of reasonable balance in things and instead go for fun, which is something I can go with as full pareto analysis is another layer of tedium that so very few will appreciate. People can make a contest out of anything ( https://www.visit-dorset.com/whats-on/dorset-nettle-eating-competition-p345463 http://www.cheese-rolling.co.uk/index1.htm ) but for games seen as the rules are hard coded in ROM of some flavour they kind of have to be good, and looking at the likes of Smash competitive and Pokemon competitive scenes... I am not looking to the fans to institute a rule set I can respect.
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