Disc read errors and drive noise on a chipped Wii

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  1. johwan

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    Mar 14, 2008
    My chipped Wii has simultanously developed the following symptoms:

    1) Disc read errors during all of the backup-games I play.

    "Unable to read the disc"
    "Disc could not be read"
    "Error occurred. Press the eject button and remove the disc. Turn the power off and follow the instructions in the operations manual"

    2) A loud noise each time a disc is inserted into the drive.( I've looked it up on Youtube and it seems it has something to do with tightened screws, so I'm going to try loosening them up as soon as I recieve my Nintendo screwdriver.)

    Considering the first problem; I've thought of the possibility of the laser being broken, but a problem with that theory is the fact that all of my original Wii gamediscs are readable!

    All answers and opinions are appreciated =)

    EDIT: Wiikey 1.9g, Wii Firmware: 3.2E
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    I have a somewhat similar problem, but it seems to only happen with retail games. I decided to get the rock band bundle, and when I inserted the disc the wii started to make a loud noise and then gave me a disc read error. When playing my backups though, the disc drive is quiet. I then took apart the wii and fiddled with 3 different screws and tried to stick papers into two different areas, but I still couldn't get it to work. It seems to me that the retail disc is slightly bigger than my backup discs.
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    Apr 18, 2009
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    Wow...I have a combination of the problems that you both mention, but not the same as either one of you.

    I have a flatmod installed and never had a complaint until recently. There were occasionally (VERY few and far between) instances of disc read errors (maybe 3 in 5 months time) with both retail and burned games. But they were rather erratic and unpredictable. Restarting the software fixed whatever was wrong. That was then....On launch day, I bought Madden NFL 10 and found that I could not get any further than 5 minutes into a game (in any game mode) before it would freeze and display the DRE. I even returned the disc and exchanged for a new one and the problem persisted just as the previous copy; however, the copy I downloaded and burned works just fine. I even gave the purchased copy to my neighbor who reported that it worked just fine (his Wii is clean, not modded - hard or soft).

    As for noise, I've experienced a loud drive with very graphically intense games, such as COD5 and cut-scenes in Super Mario Galaxy and Castlevania Judgement (a game I recommend to no-one). Outside of that, it's usually rather quiet, though Madden does make some noise in occasion.

    Overall, I'd guess that DREs and noise issues may very well be related to the 3X vs 6X drive speeds when using solderless chips (or, I'm assuming, softmods). This may or may not pertain to both hard and soft-mod, but I assume that because of my hard-mod, my Wii is reading ALL discs, retail or otherwise, at 3X (I've so far encountered no information that indicates otherwise), and that 3X may be problem.

    I hope that my experience if beneficial to someone, somewhere, and apologize for the fact that I cannot provide for either of you a solid, concrete solution. Best of luck to you both!