disc channel & USB loading issues

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by dmarcum99, Oct 13, 2009.

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    Oct 13, 2009
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    Hi all,

    Pardon for the call for help, but I was wondering if anyone has had the same issue I was having...and if they did, what did they do to resolve the issue.

    To start, I have a launch wii softmodded with the following
    US 4.1 firmware
    Seagate freeagent GO 250GB USB HD
    HBC 1.06
    hermes ios 222 & 223 (ios222 using38-37 & ios 223 using 38-60)
    USB loader GX rev 75X (I can't recall the last digit on the revision)
    preloader .29 JODI
    Wanin's ios38 rev14

    To be honest, I never tried to load a backup from DVD after the USB hard drive was originally installed. Well, recently I upgraded the firmware to 4.2 using Zector's safe firmware upgrade program. All went well with the update, I believe.

    I wanted to be able to play dvd backups as well as my USB backups, but was unable to. Reading about the disc channel, I saw posts explaining that the new System Menu has have ios70 trucha patched....so I went and used the "Modify any Wii 4.2 & below" sticky. I followed the tutorial as instructed, and I also used DOP-iosv8 to trucha ios70, but was unable to get the backups to load in the disc channel. I read that preloader might help...so I configured preloader to use ios70 for the SM, but got the corruption screen. I was able to use ios249 for the SM, but the disc would show and play in the disc channel, but the USB HD would power down. I checked the power saving feature and it's diabled when connected to my pc. If I use ios60 in preloader for the SM, the USB HD works as expected, but the disc channel does not. I've tried the other ios(es) but wasn't wable to get the disc channel and USB HD to live in harmony.

    Anyone have any ideas on how I can remedy this issue?
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    First off, why did you upgrade to 4.2? It adds nothing but fail over 4.1.
    Second, you can't load disc backups from the disc channel unless you have cIOSCORP (which I don't recommend). Just use USB loader GX to load disc backups.
    Third, just let the system menu use whatever IOS it wants, but then trucha sign it. In the case of SM 4.2, just use a Trucha Patched IOS 70 (DOP-IOS, or Pimp My Wii).
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    Aug 3, 2009
    loading backup disc using the dvd drive of the wii usually have several options. the most safe (for my point of view only) way of loading backup disc is through NEOGAMMA by wiipower...or you may also use GeckoOS. the risky way is by installing the controversial ciosCORP...if you have this you can load most of your backup disc directly from the disc channel without any hassle of opening another separate program to run backups. on my part i use ciosCORP 3.4 though i am not recommending any specifics here...still up to you to decide.

    btw...the usual reminder...backup your nand... [​IMG]