Dios Mios not working with latest DM, updates IOSs and latest USB loaders.

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    After coming back to my softmodded Wii after some time of no use, I found that my Gamecube backups on my USB hard drive no longer work. I updated all things that might be affecting this - the IOSs, Dios Mios, and USB loaders (tried both the latest WiiFlow and USBgx) but no avail. Dios Mios gives me the error "Fatal error apploader size is zero!".

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    Go try Nintendont instead of Dios Mios. They are made by the same person after all
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    My car has a broken light, how to change the light bulb?
    Answer : Take the bus !

    Please, stop suggesting users to go elsewhere when they want an answer with a specific program YOU don't use.
    I've seen you suggested nintendont many times to different users with DIOS MIOS questions, that's not what the users are expecting.

    DIOS MIOS Requires specific settings when on USB.
    Did you change anything on your USB since last time you had DIOS MIOS working?
    It's the same USB drive?

    This error appear when DIOS MIOS can't find the ISO.
    It happen often if you have multiple partition and you don't use the correct one.

    It can be :
    Verify that your dump is ok, just google for the md5 hash.
    Try to install the game again (delete the old folder before)
    Your loader is using an incorrect config version
    You installed DIOS MIOS and are trying to load a game from SD card
    You installed DIOS MIOS Lite and are trying to load a game from an USB device
    You installed the game in the incorrect partition (it must be on the FIRST physical partition of the drive)

    USBLoaderGX (if you are using r1218 or newer) should tell you if you have any incompatible hardware.

    To test if the issue is DIOS MIOS, your Console setup, or your hardware, you can try to launch a game from SD card using DIOS MIOS Lite.
    DML has a lot less requirements and is almost guarantee to work.