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    [​IMG] Dingoo Native SDL
    Dingoo Development News

    The Dingoo SDL has been ported to the Native Firmware thanks to Harteex. This development could mean more ports (games, applications, emulators) to the Native Firmware for those who do not wish to install Dingux (Dingoo Linux). Please see below for what has currently been ported and check the project post for more information.

    [​IMG] Project Post
  2. Frogman

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    Sep 20, 2009
    thats cool.
    what type of emulators will we be able to get now???
    and also did it end up that the a330 wasnt really by Dingoo? i dont understand how that took so long to figure out it wasnt even on their website??
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    the dingoo a330 was made by dingoo technologies not dingoo digital. dingoo technologies is made up of team members from the original team. most of the team split after an internal issue. dingoo digital is no longer a company. all they do is make posts claiming to be the "official" team and they never release anything! both sets of people are located in the same building, also in this building is the team who designed the hardware. its a bit confusing, but i can assure you that the a330 is real and an official dingoo product by a currently active team. however, with that said, the a330 is an inferior product. take a moment to read both of the reviews i posted for gbatemp.

    check these links:

    -another world
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    This sure will give a boost to the Dingoo, some ppl still don't have dingux (like me)
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    Wow this is great, too bad I still can't find my dingoo in my room and my pandora is being sent back for warranty purposes. Oh well.

    I hope the good emulators can be ported so I can play them on tv out.
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    what can we expect to see in the future (exactly)?
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    This is great; I've been trying to break into DINGUX development but I've been hindered by not having a machine on hand that can install DINGUX for me xD

    For those of you wondering: Ports made with this flavor of SDL instead of the DINGUX SDL may actually run better/faster. This is becasue this port of SDL should be more optimized for the dingoo. I could be totally wrong though: Maybe this is a really nasty port (but I highly doubt that).

    Lastly, if nothing else, we'll be able to take advantage of the Dingoo's video-out features with programs written with this port.

    It's a very exciting time to own a Dingoo [​IMG]