1. DarkCoffe64

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    Mar 30, 2011
    Hello everyone. As you might guess from the topic title, my save data keeps getting corrupted, and I have to restart the game Every Freaking Time I Shut It Off. After it happened three times, I thought that maybe there was a problem with the game, so I deleted it and the redownloaded it again.
    I finally get to the third level, and then again data corrupted. AUGH! I don't know why it's happening all the time! I don't close the game when it's saving!

    One interesting thing to note is that when I finished the third level and the game saved in the level select screen, I close the game since I wanted to do a little pause. When I restarted it, instead of continue in the map, I had to redo the third day of the first level. What the heck?

    I'm playing on a brand new 3ds xl that I have transfered the data from my old 3ds, and I'm using a Lexar 8gb sdhc, the same type that was in the 3ds xl, but that one was 4gb.
    And I can say that only DRW:TLR has this problem, because I've played two other games on the 3ds xl (Attack of the friday monsters and Witch & Hero) and I had no problem with them.
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