1. jonax101

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    Aug 28, 2013
    Hi. (1st post, yay)

    One of the times I was taking apart my 1000, I accidentally broke the screen.. so I got myself in this dilemma - should I buy a used PSP or a new screen for my existing 1000?

    I have 2 other PSPs, the thing about them is that one of them is absolutely dead and the other doesn't work properly - and both are 2000s. Both screens are fine. The thing is that I have tried to fit in the 2000 screen on the 1000 board and they're not compatible, I believe the connector on the 2000 (having less pins) has changed as well its pin-out - According to the position I'm holding the connector in, different columns of different colors appear on the screen.

    Anyway, enough digressing - I have been looking for a Sharp LQ043 K3146 (1000 Display), and the best price/quality one I found was on dx - brand new, costing 22$. But I also looked up for a used PSP 1000 and found one having just a problem - a Dpad issue - and it had a new screen as the seller said, but at least it is working, so I could just easily switch screens. This PSP also came with a fully functional vintage Green GB Pocket, for just $35. I think that the PSP-GB pack is a better deal but... The thing that's holding me back is that the 1000 only has 32mb of RAM while the 2000 has 64.. So I can run, for example, the N64 emu homebrew.

    So, as I want to have a functioning PSP but not wanting to spend a lot of money ($60+).. what would you do?

    Should I consider buying a used 2000? Should I just buy the screen?

    Thanks in advance
  2. Cyberdrive

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    Aug 6, 2013
    Serbia, Republic of
    Depending on which parts are salvageable in your 2000s and how much you want that GB Pocket, buying another PSP-2000 with broken screen instead and fixing it yourself might be the most cost-effective way, especially if said PSP comes with TA-085v1 motherboard or at least with something other than TA-088v3.
  3. fluffykiwi

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    Oct 24, 2002
    The important thing I would consider is how you start describing the problem.

    Buying the used PSP seems like the best solution, but are you confident you can manage this without further incidents. If you buy a replacement screen you avoid the need to strip down another PSP.
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