Digimon World PS 1 vs Digimon World Re:Digitize

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    Apr 17, 2015
    Hey everyone, so I wanted to get everyone's opinions on Digimon World 1 for the PS 1 vs. Digimon World Re:Digitize for the PSP.

    I personally like the original more than the PSP version mainly because it just has that nostalgia feel that makes me feel so good inside. There are a few things though that Re:Digitize has that I like Mega evolutionary chart, extra digivolutions, and a more advanced Colosseum, the double battle is also cool. I guess concept wise I like the PS 1 more, I dunno but there is something about Re:Digitize that reminds me of Digimon Online (which I feel is a terrible game). The evolution in the PS1 was also more interesting the way it happened, like the screen froze and everything.

    My last reason why I enjoy the PS 1 over Re:Digitized is that Digimon World for the PS1 was an underrated game seriously most us got this game and were like WOW, even though GameSpot gave them a 'mediocre' score. But in my view and especially in a lot of fans Digimon World PS1 was an 8/10. Re:Digitized IS a good game, and it's definitely not underrated (except by maybe Bandai Namco which didn't want to release it to the Western Audience, so dumb). But playing this game I knew it was an 8/10.

    Anyways let me know which one you like more and why, even though I gave them both the same score I personally like the PS 1 version.
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    DIGIMON on the ps1 is alot better than re-digitize. the battle system on re-digitize sucks. btw theres digimon adventures on the psp which looks an upgraded version on the ps1 game