Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Complete Edition headed to PC and Nintendo Switch

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    Id rather digimon not be at the top cause then they might not be so creative with their games. some of my favorite games might have never been made if digimon had found a way to get to and stay at the top. some of my favorite games like digimon world,championship,world 4, or any of the other randomly fun games they made that changed the gameplay might never had existed if they did the same thing as pokemon for like 20 years straight.
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    i got it on ps vita but never finished rip save data I'll buy it though :D I love digimon so much.
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    We got Mystery Dungeon, Stadium, XD, Snap, Detective Pikachu, Nobunaga spin off, TCG, Pokken etc. and that's just from on top of my head.

    Digimon World championship is rad though.
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    I thought Digital Devil Story: Megami Tensei (1987) did it first. that is quite interesting if this is true.
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    The creator of pokemon (Satoshi Taijiri) stated, as a child, that he was highly influenced on the Ultraman fantasy television series where the Ultra Seven had giant monsters contained in small capsules. Together the sources gave him an idea for a game called Capsule Monsters.
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