difficulty reading disks?

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    i got smash bros to play but the problem is after i play for awhile, during random parts, or at the end of classic mode the wii seems to be having trouble reading the disk so it sounds like its repeatedly "searching" the disk which makes almost a grinding noise. once it starts if i hit the home button and access my wiimote, then exit the home area then the game continues just fine, if i let it continue searching then i get an error that i have to power down my wii and remove my disk. I was wondering if this was due to media or the drive. I burnt smash on a memorex +R at 2.4x and it also occurs on some of my other games that are on TDK -R burnt at 4x-16x as well as some on my verbatim games burnt at 4-16x.

    i opened my wii to tweak the pot but watching the video i have no idea what they are turning since when i look in that area there really isnt anything to seems turnable. I did clean my lens, however, and that has kinda helped, i think, since this problem occurs not that often.

    thanks for your help guys!