Differences between Wii DVD drives

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    So from looking at amazon and ebay, I know there are D2A D2B D2C (maybe no D2D?) D2E D3 and D3-2 drives for the wii. My friends dvd drive took a crap, and needs to be replaced. I am looking at drives to buy him, and there are D3-2 drives on ebay for 18 dollars new. I know 3-2s dont load backup disks, and something thats not a 3-2 will.

    So my main questions:
    -Differences between the drives? Or a link to a wiki or such? Google shows nothing =(
    -If his Wii has, say, a D3 in it, would I be able to install a D3-2 or a D2A without issues?
    -A 3-2 will not interfere with smash stack or indiana pwns, right? I doubt he has upgraded to 4.3, but just in case... ya know?

    Did I read something about Wiis not working right because an IOS for newer wiis for the 3-2 doesnt work with previous drives, or maybe the other way around... Is that something I should worry about?

    If you need me to, I will do a... System Checker? scan with that homebrew and report back with whatever it comes up with. Rather... that would kind of be unnecessary, right? All we would need is SM version to determine how to hack it (I have that part covered, I know how to hack em... so scratch that) and serial code to determine what drive? I believe it is a white wii, and I do believe it is not a recent one.

    Thanks for your time, whoever can respond!