Differences Between Brawl+ and BBrawl?

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    What are the major differences between the two? I have both on my cart now, and both work! But, they both look the same! [​IMG] Besides some random aesthetic changes, what's the big deal with the two? Are game play changes radical?
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    Look below to see how BBrawl is difference from Brawl+
    Unlike Brawl+, none of the core physics have been changed:
    ÂÂÂÂ* Character movement is the same.
    ÂÂÂÂ* Hitbox sizes are the same for all characters.
    ÂÂÂÂ* No stages are frozen. 
    However, timing of a few attacks have been changed, and random tripping is removed.
    Goals of BBrawlEdit Goals of BBrawl sectionEdit
    ÂÂÂÂ* Remove Infinites and Inescapable Lockdowns
    ÂÂÂÂ* Character Balancing
    ÂÂÂÂ* Increase Stage Viability
    A Google search would have gave you this information.
    since the OP is permanently suspended, this post is a bit pointless.