Diddy kong racing future fun land help

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    Alright I have beaten everything in the game so far except the touch race against the squid "or what ever it is", and now I am in future fun land. I beat all the races and beat the balloon changes for the races too. I also beat the trophy race where you race all four races in one sitting. When I go into the door that has the gold circle with two eyes " door that is opened from completing all of the races against the stop watch guy and received the T.T. amulet"
    anyways I go through that door and get to the wizpig door and it says no entry! sorry, you need to complete the future fun land trophy and win every balloon. good luck!
    but I have everything in future fun land beaten. At least I think I do. I have 46 balloons.

    Can anyone clue me into something that I am maybe missing?

    Also for unlocking characters, I have only been able to find out how to unlock the clock guy, by beating all of his times in single race mode in all of the different vehicles. Although I haven't unlocked him yet, I have to buy more tracks.
    Does anyone know about any other characters and how to unlock them?

    Also what are the question marks and the up arrows for? what do each do?

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks

    Also one other thing. By where the waterfall ends after it goes through the ice part, if you drive across the water to the left, there is an area with a circle on the rock wall. And if you touch one of the rocks in that area, the one where the hand appears, there are spots on the ground that looks like you have to play connect the dots. does anyone know what you do there?
    I tried following the dots, but it did nothing. unless I'm drawing it wrong.

    Edit: draw the balloon like shape, like the one that is on the rock wall and a balloon will appear. Now I can get into the wizpig door. with 47 balloons. All set now.
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    i'm glad we helped you out

    for the arrows up, when you grab an item if you use it with z button, it will change it into a special item.
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    The "clock guy" is named "T.T." He is unlocked by beating all levels with all vehicles in Single Race Mode with Time Trial mode turned ON. You can turn on Time Trial mode by selecting a level and pushing in the up direction on the D-Pad before starting the race; the T.T. image will light up and you will hear "Time Trials on." BTW, it is uncessary to purchase the last four hidden levels to unlock T.T.

    A few other unlockable characters include: "Tahj" and "Drumstick"

    IIRC, unlocking Tahj simply involved beating Adventure Mode.

    To unlock Drumstick toss a frog to the top of the grass "frog pad" thing-a-ma-bob near Wizpig's face in the main area. A new frog will appear with a red deal on its head; run over it.