Did Tales of Symphonia DotNW seem boring?

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    I noticed a few other Tales of Games... They looked more exciting and had a larger variety of characters. To me it seemed very boring since you are always playing one main character... Emile. Not like in the others... And the attacks seemed a little bland. First Tales of Game for me, but everytime I see videos on youtube about the other Tales of games, I always wish that they release one for the Wii!

    And this is sorta on topic... Tales of Graces is going the be the latest Tales of Game for Wii ^^

    IF that doesn't show... Here is the link to the trailer: Tales of Graces Trailer

    Also Tales of Vs. for PSP. So lucky...
  2. miyagiCE

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    Jan 2, 2009
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    I agree. Tales of Symphonia 2 is really, realllly boring. But not because there's a lack of playable characters, or anything. What annoys/bores me is the extremely clichéd story and the angsty main chars (Emil and Marta). One cutscene they're like "Haw haw, Imma pummel that punkass m*thafucka!" and the next it's back to "Ohhh, I don't think I can do this, I don't have the strength." -- Blah blah blah.

    I suggest you play the original Gamecube game though, assuming you haven't played it yet since you stated that it's your first Tales of game. That one really shines in comparison to its successor. In fact, I'm only forcing myself to finish ToS2 (hadn't touched the game in two months until yesterday) because of my love and the joys I had playing ToS1.
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    Fixed Trailer:
  4. Nera

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    Apr 6, 2009
    I don't think ToS:2 is that boring...
    however I have to admit that ToS on GC was better
    The only thing i don't like in ToS:2 is that i can't change the equips of the old ToS characters...I don't really see a reason why they couldn't just use the old equips from ToS... you can't level up the old ToS characters eiter...they just lvl up when you progress in the story.
    I think that you'll like this game way more when you have played ToS1 first...
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    I don't know if boring is the right word...i just didnt like it as much as the original....i especially hated the new battle physics, it seemed..i dont know how to explain it, but ToS was a much more enjoyable experience.