Did my Wii finally draw its last breath?

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    Okay here's my story:

    I was in the middle of playing Project M when all of the sudden my Wii starts to make these loud scratching noises. Being worried, I immediately turned off the console. After I tried to boot it back up, the disc drive immediately showed signs of failure. It kept making these clicking sounds when trying to run the disc, and the Wii menu kept giving me system errors.

    This is really aggravating because this literally came out of fucking nowhere, especially since my Wii looked like it was going strong for the past 8 years. I really don't want to send it in to Nintendo since I softmodded the fuck out of this thing. I mean I will always have USB loading but I can't play Project M, and I'm just not comfortable knowing my Wii is partially defunct.

    Is there anyway I can fix this myself? Plz respond.
  2. Dork

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    plz respond
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    I wonder if yours has the same problem as one of mine, The drive clicks and fails when trying to play Wii games, but plays GC games just fine. I've pot tweaked the laser which done nothing to fix it. Does yours still play Gc games??
  5. Dork

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    Nope, Gamecube games don't work either. Dual-layer games like Brawl will click for a bit, and then the drive will give up. For everything else, I'm just greeted with a system error message.
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    Alright, well my disc drive just magically came back to life and is working fine now. That was really strange.
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    If the problem would rise up again, replacing the whole disc drive isn't much of a hassle. You should be able to find a cheap one on ebay.
    And there's plenty of "how to's" for the wii.