Did I make a good choice in buying these SD Cards?

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    Aug 19, 2007
    I ordered this for gateway to replace my old, slow 16gb microsd:

    Transcend 32 GB MicroSDHC Class 10 UHS-1 Memory Card with Adapter 45 MB/S

    I'm just wondering if anyone has this specific card and is happy with it. I've read around here that Transcend is pretty good for gateway. I chose not to get the Samsung Evo because it's from a different seller, even tho it's a bit cheaper.

    I also ordered this Transcend 32 GB Class 10 SDHC

    IIRC, I can just move the stuff from my current SD to this and everything will be recognized?
    Also, I'll have to format emunand on the new card and use emunand tool to transfer the partition?

    Just need some clarification, thanks!