Did Digimon franchise died in the West?

Discussion in 'General Gaming Discussion' started by GamerzHell9137, Nov 20, 2012.

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    Nov 1, 2011
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    There were like 4-5 digimon games not released over sea and thats really sad.
    I know that they *ucked up the franchise with Digimon World 4(Ughh...) and Data Squad(Ohh God...) but the later on games were pretty good.
    I am talking about Digimon Lost Evolution,Xross Wars,Re Digitize and now the PSP is getting a new game, Digimon Adventure.
    I saw all of the battle mechanics of the game and it was improved after the weird PS2 games.
    Like Re:Digitize, it revived the old Digimon World battle type and it was a success in the Japan but the reasons why didn't come in the West is ofc, pirating.
    Well someday a new Digimon game is gonna come for the 3DS or Vita and now i doubt that its gonna come to the West cause of the fanbase.. *sigh*
    I am a big fan of Digimon World 1-3 and Rumble Arena but that time is gone now, i still replay them wishing that a new game is gonna come to West.
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    To be honest, I had no idea they still made Digimon merchandise (games or otherwise).

    So... that might answer your question.
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    There's some fan interest in translating some of the newer games or better ones never localized, but most of my interest and my friends' comes from nostalgia more than anything. It's kinda like Power Rangers, I guess :/