Did anyone try windjammers closed beta on ps4/Vita? Do you like it?

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    There was a closed beta for online modes testing for windjammers on ps4. During Playstation experience during December 2016, they announced it will be coming to ps4/Vita. During the weekend from June 8-12 the closed beta allow specific individuals who signed up to participate receive a psn download code to access it and play during the active time (playstation plus required)

    According to umm... sources, is a cult classic game and very popular game. Wind Jammers is a game by data east released for neo geo arcade that features 6 playable characters from different countries. Is like a game of pong but a bit more extreme. You throw a disc (I call it frizz-bee) with the same kind of over the top antics you would expect from a common neo geo game. I guess is a sports/fighting game hybrid? (I'm just describing what I watched of the game, never played it, or heard of it before. (Seriously, there was a lack of neo geo products where i live) Anyway. Is ported by dot emu and was curious how popular it was considering where i am neo geo was not in any arcades, or able to purchase without the ridiculous asking price.:unsure:

    Bonus question, does anyone have any neo geo games on switch, can you tell me if they are online modes, or even okay compared to some other neo geo ports like the ones on ps3 or steam? I know is a different company like hamster i think, unlike code mystics or dot emu or M2 which are more popular.
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    It's a very old and good game. If i remember right a arcade was made for this game too. Recomended.