Did anybody get the Wiikey to work again..

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    Mar 4, 2006
    I am extremely pissed off, sorry for the term, but I am.
    I had a very nice quicksolder installation performed on my Wii with a Wiikey(done by myself).
    The system played fine for nearly a week both originals and backups.
    3 days ago I was playing MoH and then I took a little brake to check the forums here on GBAtem, and I used my Wii to connect to the internet while I left the backup I was playing in the drive.
    After an hour or so, I wet back to play MoH but the Wii refused to read the disc, so I said, Oh well, it's just like on the Dreamcast, some backups just don't want to work anymore, expecially you have to expect it when you use cheap media.
    So I went on and put another backup in there, and another one, and another one.......
    To my horror none of the backups would work anymore, not even the gamecube ones.
    I checked the forums, and other people were experiencing the same problem, and apparently it was all about bad contacts.
    With lots of patience, I reopened my Wii and I went over what I thought was a nearly perfect installation.
    One of the points didn't look quite as good as the others, so I decided to pass the soldering iton over it one more time.
    Done that , everything looked really good, so I reassembled my wii and tried one more time: No way!!! the system would play originals just fine but no more backups.

    And that's the beginning of my tragedy, and my biggest mistake: I decided to reopen the Wii, remove the quicksoldered chip and perform a wire installation.
    By doing so, I lifted 2 or three pads and I left a mess behind on the board. The system at this point was still working fine with original games.
    I thought about it, whether I should sell it to somebody who had no intention in modding it, and get another one and put my Wiikey in there, or get some help from a professional and see what could have been done, after all I've seen lots of pictures of really screwed up installations with extensive damage on the board and people still got it working again.
    This guy I contacted here in Manhattan has done over a hundred installations, and really knows what to do, but he asked me $130 USD to fix it.
    I could have sent it somewhere in the states and have it repaired for much less then that(thank you to all of you guys who offered to help by the way),but I figured that if I wanted my working Wii back within a couple of hours, and I didn't feel confident in shipping it anywhere, nor opening it up again only to do even a greater damage, the guy in Manhattan was the way to go.
    Besides, I was looking for somebody with specific experience in soldering chips on the Wii, not a generic electronic expert.

    I met with the guy the day after. He turned out to be a college student, a very nice guy, who mods consoles to pay for his study, and he has done probably more then a hundred by know, he even sells pre-modded wii and ships world wide. He certainly has a nice litte side job going on.
    Anyway he opens up and sees the mess and the chip, and he also pointed out that one resistor on the wiikey looked burned out and he had a feeling that the chip wouldn't work anymore. That wasn't a big issue because he had about a dozen of spare original Wiikeys in a box(which he left unattended for about 15 minutes while he left me alone while he was talking to some other guy about modding an xbox360).
    Anyway he carefully rebuilded the points and was able to fit my wiikey in there one more time. But upon booting the system, the result didn't change, my Wii would still play originals, but not a single backup would be recognized.
    Big deal, we thought, my wiikey must be burned, and that's why it's not working.
    So this guy went ahead and removed my wiikey, but by doing so one cable flow off, so he had to resolder it on the mother board, put some tape on it and then went on and soldered a brand new original wiikey in it.
    We tried that on, and to our shock it still wasn't working.
    The guy then went on and begin to solder to alternative points on the chip itself, and after he was done,and more that an hour was gone, and given the nature of the really fine points he was able to solder to, at this point I felt that he really deserved his $130 .
    We switched the wii on again........BUT NOO!! Still not working.
    The guy really had done an excellent job, he cleaned up all the contacts and found alternative soldering point, and even put in there a brand new wiikey(it was still sealed) but my Wii wouldn't play backups.
    We felt miserable. And he said he couldn't explain why it wasn't working, it was some kind of mystery. It was the first Wii that he wasn't able to repair. Then he said he should have listened carefully to what I said to him on the phone, the my Wii suddenly refused to read any backups, and I never even moved it. It must have been something of a different nature that prevented my Wii from reading backups.
    There I was , I wasted mine and his afternoon, and my situation hadn't changed.
    We kind of agreed that I was gonna buy another Wii and take it directly to him and have it modded this time, but I felt bad because he really worked hard.
    He didn't really push it, but while talking the fact that he sells pre-modded Wiis came up and I aked him if he had any in stock, and he said he did. It wasn't some kind of scheme to get me to buy one from him, but I decided to do so.
    After all the next shipment of Wiis to toys 'r' us is going to happen in two weeks , and the guy had to leave for two week anyway, therefore I decided to buy a modded Wii from him, even knowing I was paying more, but at least he earned something, and I walked home with a working Wii capable of reading backups and without the remorse of having wasted his afternoon.

    When I got home, and after playing for a couple of hours(my new Wii works just fine now) I check on GBAtemp and the treads regarding Wiikeys not working anymore.
    I read somewhere that one of the solutions would be to format the Wii general memory without the battery in the system.
    Now this sound new to me, and I can't help but asking myself what would have happened if there was a chance to make my Wiikey working again this way, and above all I really need to know where this information comes from and how many people successfully got their Wii working again with backups this way.

    Please, where does this info come from, and How many of you got the Wiikey to work again with this method ?