Dial M For Murder!

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    Oct 31, 2006
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    Well, just finally got round to seeing this old classic due to a recommendation fromy assistant manager at work and all i can say is....

    Wow!!! Just fucking wow! I'm so amazed by this! Honestly if youve never seen this film and like thriller/crime films, do yourself a favour and watch this! Wow wow wow! That was a pure nearly 2 hours of amazing amazing twist and turns! Everytime you think the storyline is done...BANG!!! TWIST! I remember writing a 6 page essay on psycho by hitchcock in media studies and this film only cements everything i wrote in that essay about hitchock be a fucking master on cinema! I cant remember the last time i saw a film and was this amazed! People who think cgi and modern day films are amazing because of the effects need to track back a few years and witness this! Its so basic and subtle yet amazing! Sorry for this late night rant but fuck me! Brilliant fucking film!