DiagnoSe - Update

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    DiagnoSe - Update

    Hardware diagnostics utility

    Spinal has released an updated and improved version of his homebrew hardware diagnostics utility - DiagnoSe.[title:DiagnoSe release notes]A while ago, I created a simple button tester so I could test the keyboard layout of a DS emulator.

    After sharing it with the DS community, some forum users had suggested that I add a couple of features and turn the simple button tester into a fully fledged diagnosis tool. Soon more and more people suggested feature that DiagnoSe should have and some of those features have been added. I have had learned a lot from coding DiganoSe and have had fun doing it. I hope that some people find use for this application.

    Features include testing

    • Direction Pad and buttons

    • Touch screen accuracy

    • Wifi settings

    • Microphone

    • Speakers

    • Screen lights

    • Motion card/pak (sold separately)

    • Rumble pak (sold separately)

    • DLDI FAT

    • SRAM


    • Boot GBA game

    • Fix stuck pixels

    • Reset to card menu (supported cards only)

    • Power off DS

    • Set screen brightness (DS Lite only, not saved in firmware)

    • Battery monitor

    • Temperature monitor

    • GBA screen select (not saved in firmware)

    As always, any comments or suggestions are welcome.

    The splash screen will be updated as soon as one has been selected for the competition.
    [​IMG] Download
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