Diablo III: Eternal Collection announced for Switch


Earlier today, Forbes accidentally let an article go live a little too early, revealing the existence of a Diablo III port for the Nintendo Switch. Eurogamer had already hinted at such a thing being a possibility earlier this year, but until now, there's been no definitive proof. Kotaku also corroborated the news, stating that the official announcement was scheduled for August 16, but as Forbes let things slip, all bets are off. Reportedly, the package will be titled Diablo III: Eternal Collection, and will feature all the content updates and DLC released thus far. The Switch version will also have special version bonuses, such as a Ganondorf armor set, as well as local 4-player multiplayer all on one console. LAN and online co-op will also be included features. A release date hasn't been given, but it's due out later this year, for a full retail price of $59.99.

Update: Officially announced


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Jul 16, 2016
I am sold at the "LAN... co-op will also be included features" part, though this ain't not Diablo II, which would be MUCH cooler to have on the Switch.
Thinking about it, it's remarkable that there seems to be no fully working Diablo II recreation. At least acording to this list. This is remarkable for three reasons. First the game is/was insanely popular, second it's a kind of game I suppose to go very well with alot of programmers and finally they already put alot of work in remaking the Diablo II Battle.net servers you would assume some of the team behind that is interested to go further.
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