Dexter Season Finale (Spoilers)

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    This is a discussion on what direction you think Dexter will take for Season 7, with the revalations revealed at the end of season 6.

    The way things could go after Deb catches Dexter killing Travis in a ritualistic manner obviously shows Deb that this isnt a spur of the moment thing and that Dex had become quite adept at doing what he does.

    Also Deb admitting to her psychologist that she may be in love with Dexter.

    What do you think will happen in season 7
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    Not that much of a change, I guess the first two episodes would be Deb coming to terms with it and then accepting it as she always hated criminals getting away with crimes. Would probably see Dexter as a force of good rather than bad. We have seen glimpses of this on Series 5.

    The volunteer guy (can't remember his name) will probably catch Dexter in the act of killing, he seems stalkery right? Maybe Dexter will piss him off near the end and he will go to Deb who will try to convince him of keeping quiet or maybe finding dirt on him to keep him quiet or if she can't then maybe Dexter will be the "big bad" of series 8..

    I see more huge gaping plot holes from a series that was once very tightly written. I mean the last season was full of very convenient skipping of vital things that the writers clearly could not think of finding a ways to get around some situations.

    I would want someone to do something better with the female characters too, I really haven't been able to stand a single female character on this show. They are just so badly written.

    Hopefully stuff like that will be fixed, if not well I'll still watch it, I managed to watch the episodes as soon as they're online and that's even with series 5 which wasn't very good. It still has something to grip me and a character like Dexter can keep this going. I'm hoping for a decent killer next time too, the last two had some good ideas with what and how they killed but where fairly crappy characters in all.
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    The cliffhanger/plot twist was really killer (pun intended). Considering they've said that the "end game" of the show was getting set in motion now, this really keeps things interesting. Although knowing there's another season or two on the horizon leads us to the predictable conclusion that Hadrian mentioned, with Deb accepting him.

    Really hating the brother/sister love thing though. Really grosses me out. I know they're not "blood related" (as so obviously pointed out by Deb's shrink) but the whole series develops them as brother and sister. This whole change of heart for Deb is really offsetting and just honestly gross. The same thing happened with Lundy. They draw rather decent story arcs for Deb but kinda ruin them with relationshippy crap. Like the whole Lundy-Deb thing was fine when it was a father-daughter type of relationship, setting Lundy to be a father figure to a character with an "absentee" father who always gave more attention to Dexter than her. Then they just make her bang the old dude and it made my dick shrivel up a bit. In this season they try to further the relationship between Deb and Dexter as Dexter is much more closed off while Deb is getting into a whole lot of shit with becoming lieutenant, catching DDK, and Quinn being a douchenugget. I thought it was gonna lead to them becoming more understanding or perhaps even Dexter revealing his "secret" in sort of a metaphorical way (like when he covered up his killing with drug usage in season two and used the rehab to kinda sort out his desire to kill). But of course they fuck the shark and probably made the darkest sectors of the Dexter fanbase incredibly hard.

    I did like how DDK developed though especially in the middle of the season, although it seems like they kinda abandoned that in the second half. Like there's all this motivation in Dexter to change Travis and kill Gellar but then they never touch on that again once he finds out Travis is just absolutely insane, even though they draw the obvious parallel between Travis/Gellar to Dexter/his father/his brother for one episode. Each of their "invisible guides" or whatever you want to call them influence their decisions. For Dexter his father made him more moral and stick to being a "good guy" while Brian was the Dark Side of the Force. Gellar made Travis basically crazier than he already was and when he dives into the deep end, there's no even hint of him going back. Like I thought they'd have them of course squaring off with each other but the fact that Dexter at one point tried to help Travis make amends with his wrongdoings would come up, even to the very end.

    As for the intern guy, I don't know. He's just really creepy and stalkerish. My prediction was that he becomes a serial killer or something but I'm not sure how that'd work out really. I mean each "killer" or new main character is mean as a sort of "alternate reality" for Dexter. His brother represented him without a code. Lila represented temptation. Miguel represented what, greed or something (I didn't like the third season)? Trinity represented an image of what Dexter wants to be (a serial killer who can still raise a family) as well as basically those two being unable to mix (with Trinity being absolutely wacky and Rita dying). Jordan represented revenge (since Dexter basically hunted down all these people as vengeance for Lumen and stuff). DDK represented Dexter's justifications and almost a redeemable version of him, but that image of course gets crushed when Dexter thinks his justifications are BS and he just completely abandons any sort of redemption and just kills people with no regret. I don't know what the intern could ever represent if he was a serial killer/became one.

    But the Deb thing is huge and I'm wondering how it plays out. It should be interesting though and I'd say it's the best plot twist/cliffhanger/finale of the series. I couldn't appreciate season 4's cliffhanger as much since it was spoiled for me before I could watch it.

    Still love the series though, just please drop the incest or whatever you call it.
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