Developers behind Hyper Light Drifter announce their latest game

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    Definitely one to keep an eye on.
    I bought a Jpn import of the physical release of HLD for my collection, after the Limited Run release sold out instantly and now sells for stupid money... hopefully this will come to consoles and also get some form of physical release.
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    Nintendo and PS4 does the same though. It’s only Microsoft really that does this, and they’re not succeeding in the way that PS4 is able to. Spider-Man, Mario, Zelda... are all exclusives. I DO think that Epic took this strategy a little too early, but it’s what the other successful businesses are doing nevertheless.
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    I'm definitely gonna get this game (even though it's on another launcher). tbh I just centralize my games with a universal game manager. I'm looking to have each drm self close upon launching of another drm though. This game is really giving me good vibes though. Can't wait to hear more about it
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    Unfortunately it's all about the money.

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    Have either of those bought exclusive rights nearly last minute as the game was primed to release on another platform? It being exclusive isn't an issue. As mentioned before, their underhanded tactics are sleezy and the launcher is utter garbage. The 2 you mentioned are hardware platforms. In my eyes it makes more sense to have 2nd/3rd party exclusivity.. But it's not like they cut it out from under Xbox at the last possible second.
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    jesus christ, another epic store game. hard pass for me.
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    It's not quite the same. PS4 and Switch have hardware exclusives, Epic has exclusives locked behind software. So essentially they're PC exclusives that a number of PC owners behind a region lock can't play.

    Epic will learn eventually that inconveniencing customers just loses you money in the long run. Metro: Exodus was pirated over 100k times in just a couple days after its release.
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    Yeah, I was sold until I saw that. One can only hope that, if the EGS fails hard, Steam will not only do their best to stand out, but also establish total dominance and control in a way the other services haven't. *cough* Steam Proton, which I'll hopefully be able to FINALLY try when the last two parts of my resurrection PC build come in!

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    Damnit! It looks beautiful. Too bad it's EPIC games. They're really enticing people to get on their platform, huh.