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    [​IMG] DEV Tools Update

    Many of the NDS/GBA developer tools have received updates. My apologies for combining these releases into one news post, I felt this method better accommodates each update. I am quoting the original release information and linking to the homepage download. Hopefully this will aid developers in finding the new information without having to wade through my personal comments about each project.

    libfilesystem 0.9.1
    libfilesystem is a new library which provides support for the DS nitroFS. This code has mostly been contributed by Eris with modifications from WinterMute. Examples and docs for this will follow later. Use of this library with FAT filesystems will depend on a launcher which supports the libnds argv protocol.

    [​IMG] Off-Site Download

    maxmod 1.0.3
    maxmod, the DS/GBA sound library has been updated to version 1.0.3 with fixes for sound effect and streaming code.

    [​IMG] Off-Site Download

    libgba 20090222
    This is a maintenance release for libgba which adds consoleDemoInit similar to the libnds function, adds a missing file for supercard IO support and corrects the function signatures in the stdio support for the latest toolchain updates.

    [​IMG] Off-Site Download

    devkitARM r25
    devkitARM release 25 updates newlib to 1.17.0, gcc to 4.3.3 and adds some minor fixes to the included tools.

    [​IMG] Off-Site Download

    libnds v1.3.2
    The latest stable libnds release is now available through SourceForge and the devkitPro windows installer.

    Change Log:
    correct bgGet return value.
    bgUpdate sets all backgrounds.
    consoleInit(), now initializes a passed in PrintConsole* with default settings.
    All vram defines use “SPRITE” as apposed to a mixture of “OBJ” and “SPRITE”.
    Added oamAllocReset(), oamInit now clears all sprite memory allocations.
    keyboard and console VRAM mapping changed to better default layout.
    keyboard now has visual feedback.
    keyboard update no longer calls scanKeys().
    Added backspace support for proper stdio behavior.
    findAP checks wep mode before copying wep key.
    dynamicArray.h adds deallocation.
    more gbatek naming fixes.
    added setBrightness function for fading.

    [​IMG] Off-Site Download

    Thank you to PDRoms and DEVKitPro for the quotes, information and file hosting!

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    Good thing we won't be seeing anymore huge dramatic changes like the one before for a while with libnds [​IMG]