Details Leaked on Bungie's Destiny

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    Bungie is the developer behind the Marathon, along with a little thing called Halo; you probably haven't heard of it. It's pretty obscure.

    Well, this little team has a new project in the work it seems; for a title, they've made the pick of "Destiny".

    However, little else has been known about Destiny... until now.

    [​IMG] IGN

    It goes on to describe Destiny as being "social at its core." This may or may not confirm previous speculation that the project is an MMO. The document also points to plans for releasing on the Xbox 360 and, eventually, the "Xbox 720", PS3, "PS4", and PC.

    The article goes on to provide some concept art:
    Warning: Spoilers inside!
    It looks like Destiny will certainly be ambitious in scope. Bungie is making quite a leap with this project - let's just hope they don't cut the cord.
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    Someone on reddit pointed this out on the concept art:


    Command and Copy.
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    I was so sad when Tiberium was cancelled :(
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    What could potentially be a skill based MMO from a company with a history of making above average games. If they have some form of mode like Diablo's death is final mode (how I might reconcile this with the understanding it would not sell well and the idea that fragmented servers are not the best remains to be seen).

    The art style.... well cel shading ages remarkably well from what I have seen and if they are taking the long form approach.

    Destiny yet in a MMO...... well I have always held the following to probably be one of the more accurate portrayals of history after a fashion

    I suppose it remains to be see how well the Dust 514 game works out- I already liked the Savage Battle for newerth title.
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    I actually haven't heard the name "Bungie" before.
    silly me.