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    Jan 10, 2007
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    i see everywhere that there are videos and guides with pictures for dslite hacking and modding. i unfortunately i do not have a dslite, just a regular one(its actually one of the first ones to be released in the states, i bought it when the first came out). I just bought the max media launcher from ebay, and the GBA movie player form movie I also have a one gb sandisk compact flash card.
    I was hoping that someone would be able to post here specifically what it is that is needed to do to run homebrew apps and other videos and software stuff on the ds.

    i have, after searching and searching so many websites (i understand that searching google and searching sites for help is first before any post asking for help), i was unsuccessful in finding a desent straight forward guide...i found this thing called darkfader's flashing tool but after i ran it in my ds and it changes whatever it does (i didnt open the back where the battery is) it dosent really change anything to my movie player, ds, or media launcher. in fact the player dosent even boot anymore. i tried formatting the card, and defragging the card. by doing this i found that you cannot use it in NTFS format, only FAT32 (i didnt try to format it in fat, only fat32).... can someone please tell me what im doing wrong? did i break the movie player somehow? can somebody please post a straight forward guide for me to follow....most of the sites i went to have a link ( ) to this site that states you need to download their installation file(s) but eveything on their site is offline or not available or i get a website with garbled text. I could really use help considering the money i spent thus far. I really dont want to just stop i go tthe fever and i need the fix!

    thank you
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