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    DesuraTools is a utility that allows you to manage your Desura library of games.


    • User friendly interface
    • Batch processing of games - install/uninstall/verify multiple games at once
    • Generate an HTML report of all your games on Desura
    • Easily add installed Desura games to Steam as a non-Steam game
    • Open source and licensed under GPL v3 -
    • Powered by Python and Qt4


    Simply start DesuraTools. All Desura games that are currently installed will be listed under 'Installed Desura Games'. The games you own on Desura will be loaded from your profile when you verify your Desura account.

    DesuraTools requires Desura to be installed, and logged in at least once. To access Steam-related functions, Steam must also be installed.

    Batch install games from Desura
    Simply input your Desura Profile ID1 in the text box, and click "Load Games". DesuraTools will start Desura automatically and you must log into Desura to continue. After DesuraTools has confirmed you have been logged in2, it will start loading your games from your Desura profile3. They will be listed under the 'Owned Desura Games' tab. You can select one or more games and click "Install Selected" to install all the games you have selected. Warning: Installing too many games may crash Desura or your computer.

    Adding games to Steam/Batch uninstalling/verifying games
    All Desura games you have installed currently will be listed under 'Installed Desura Games'. The Steam IDs that have been logged on at least once will be displayed in the dropdown box4, ensure the correct one is selected. Simply select one or more games from the list, and click "Add Selected to Steam", DesuraTools will automatically add the selected games to Steam, as a non-Steam game5. DesuraTools will check for duplicates: if the game already exists in the library as a Non-Steam Game, or if the Steam version of the game is owned, DesuraTools will skip over it.

    Generating an HTML report
    Simply go into the File menu, and click "Generate Desura Report". Note that the icons under the "Owned Games" section will only be valid on the host computer as it makes use of file:// URLs. This feature is experimental.

    Usage Notes

    1 Your profile ID is not your Desura username. It can be found and changed under 'Profile ID' under 'Edit Profile'. It is 'the URL to access your profile (eg.', and if you have not changed it, by default it is identical to your username. If you have set it to nothing, it starts with 'na'. If you have set it to something different than your username, enter that instead.

    2 DesuraTools does not require, can not access your Desura password. Desura for Windows sets its window title as "Desura Windows: username", where username is your Desura username, and DesuraTools listens for that window to open to detect whether Desura is running, and that you own the Desura account.

    3 Due to a lack of a proper API for Desura, DesuraTools scrapes your owned games from, where profileid is your Desura profileid. Thus, DesuraTools only works with profiles that are accessible to the public, i.e. 'Everyone can see my profile', or 'Everyone can see my profile, but my comment history is hidden', will work fine as well. You can temporarily set your profile to public while using DesuraTools.

    4 Any Steam ID that does not have a custom URL set will be displayed as "ID64:SteamID64", where SteamID64 is the SteamID64 for the account. It is recommended that a custom URL is set.

    5 DesuraTools makes use of various algorithms to determine the icon that will be set when adding to the Steam library. If the icon of the game executable is similar to the icon provided to Desura, it will opt to use the game's in-built icon, as then the icon will show properly on the jumplist. However, if the game executable icon is different than the icon on the game's Desura page, DesuraTools will add the icon provided to Desura rather than from the game executable. This is to accomodate games that do not have a proper icon set on their executable for various reasons, such as some small indie games using the unlicensed version of UDK


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    Download from my website (v1.0.0.49)
    GitHub Mirrors

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    All other trademarks are property of their respective owners


    DesuraTools is licensed under GNU GPL v3, and the source code is available at GitHub