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    Sep 3, 2007
    United States
    Hi guys, i'm having a big problem with getting cheats to work with GBA games. Specifically what i am trying to do is get some items in pokemon fire red that you need an action replay for. I have attempted to make my own text and .cht files but they continue to fail on me, and even the M3 team's cheat database for GBA games makes my game freeze at the intro to the game, and even if those codes did work they are not the ones i want.
    If anyone could make me a cheat file for this game i would GREATLY appreciate it, or if you could even just point me in the direction of an in depth tutorial on how to make GBA cheat files i wouild appreciate that also.
    Thank you for any and all help in advance,

    (PS: In case it helps at all, the codes i am looking to activate are the mystic ticket code,aurora ticket,birth island/naval rock enabler, DMA disabler, and the "M" or "master code", thanks again. [​IMG])
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