Deoxy's Distribution Rom: How many times can a user use the card?

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    What I mean by my title, is that when you get a wondercard via a download station, you can only receive it once. Can you hex edit the Wondercard so you can get the Pokemon/Item on it more than once?

    I am testing with a "Pseudo-Event" based on Giratina and the Sky Warrior. It's an Origin Giratina, only for Platinum. The problem is, I cant see if natures and IV's work correctly if I dont have multiple copies of it.

    Which leads me to the question: Can a Wondercard give the Pokemon/Item more than once, before saying "You already got this event, you cannot get another one"

    If this is within the Game itself, then please tell me.
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    This is in the save. The IDs of all the wondercards you have obtained are stored in your save. If when it detects a wondercard distribution the ID of the wondercard is stored in your save then you can't receive the gift.

    So you can either erase the IDs from the wondercard ID list (with pokesav)or put a different ID on the wondercard being distribute it.