Demand delays Wii games down under

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    Nintendo has attempted the impossible and is close to succeeding in what both its competitors have failed before it - launching a new generation console, globally, within just weeks.

    Wii looks set to be plagued by some initial drawbacks in Australia though, to the point that some publishers have had to delay their games, purely because Nintendo, the sole manufacturer of discs, is struggling to keep up with demand. Put simply, they cannot make enough games.

    Third party publishers such as Activision, who want their entire lineup to be available in large quantities and as soon as possible, have been forced to delay their games. Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam will now make its debut on December 13, while Marvel: Ultimate Alliance won't be out until December 20. Both were available on day one in North America, and leave Activison's Australian lineup to include only Call of Duty 3.


    Ubisoft has been forced to make similar decisions, and the exact schedule of its titles, at time of publishing, remains totally uncertain. Confirmation has been made that Red Steel, Rayman Raving Rabbids and Monster 4x4: World Circuit will definitely be available on launch day though, but the others remain a mystery.

    These factors may too explain the absence of Nintendo's own Excite Truck, which has been delayed until the new year.

    Out of the handful of games that will be available on December 7th however, each will only be present in limited quantites, and customers hoping for certain titles should be urged to snap them up before it's too late. Although, we'd bet that as long as The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is obtained, then most will be satisfied.
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    I just hope that farcry is decent. Red Steel +'s multiplayer , -'s bad controls, vice-versa for call of duty... im praying ^^