Definitive List of Homebrew on Cart?

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    Just wondering is there a defintive list of homebrew released on a real cart? The main reason I'm asking is I stumbled across a site the other day that had a GBA homebrew game cart for sale but somehow I've managed to lose the bookmark and can't remember either the game title or the site! It's because i'm old... :(

    Regardless, it would be a nice thing have. I can only think of a couple (Qwak, Motocross Challenge and another puzzle game I can't remember the name of...) but there must be quite a few out there.
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    Is there even a complete GBA homebrew download pack?
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    On the complete list of GBA homebrew..... things did not get all that well organised until well into the DS' lifetime. Between most of the sites things are pretty good but there is a bit missing, especially on the trainers and less than legit things (quite a few picture sets and ebook compilations are not hosted for obvious reasons* and several of the trainers are not either). There is probably a bit of unknown Japanese homebrew out there as well.

    *though as most these were simple applications of the builder program....

    On an actual cart. Not really, other than your list i would add the homebrew contest ROM, stuff depending upon how you want to look at it some stuff shipped on magazines from time to time and pocketnes was licensed such that some commercial games used it.

    Edit. Might as well also link up as it is kind of related.