defective, battery-eating EZ Flash IV microsd board pictures

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    where the potential goes to zero
    Could someone who has a working 2014 microsd EZ Flash IV cart look at these pictures and see if there is anything obviously different/broken about this cart compared to their own?

    This cart drains a CR2032 to 0V in just a few weeks. I got it used on eBay and it had a CR2032 stuffed into it with the tabs unsoldered.

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    If I need to get the microscope out I will but for now can we try a camera shot of mine
    Around the negative of yours does not look great but it is also not in focus so I can't tell much. A short there does look like it would result in what you are seeing
    There is a diode on the battery side. It is the smallest little black device in the column of devices next to the battery. Mine has an 8 or a B and three bars on the battery side. I can't quite make out yours in the picture but it looks like it is in the same orientation. The only other directional device that side appears next to the plus and has T4 and three bars on the + side

    The back of yours looks OK. The right hand chip is the SRAM chip and while a short could happen anywhere I would start there. I would look more carefully at the pins next to R11.
    Everything else on the back should not be directional.