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Dec 22, 2002

DEFCON is a game developed by the same people who made Darwinia and Uplink, Introversion software. It's their next game and is scheduled for release on the 29th via Steam.

I've got my copy pre-ordered, the great thing about it is that it's only US$9.95 if you preorder (US$14.95 when it's released). It's been getting great reviews everywhere, IGN even gave it 8.8 (IGN DEFCON review).

It's a stylised strategy game that takes place on a map of the world (kind of like Risk). You are in control of one of six superpowers. You can deploy your navel, air and ground units during different defcon stages which are timed. By the time the game reaches defcon one players are lobbing nuclear missles at eachother.

Basically the player with the most citizens left in their country is the winner by the end of it. It sounds like an interesting game, and for that price I had to get it. You can play up to 6 people online, it's mainly just a multiplayer game but you can vs cpu players if you want.

So anyone else ordering this game from Steam? Perhaps we can get some GBAtemp players together...

Review quotes taken from the official website Everybody Dies

QUOTE said:
WildIT Gaming Network (Australia) 9/10
DEFCON is a term used by military to indicate combat status. DEFCON 5 is "everyone is out playing in the park", whilst DEFCON 1 is "everyone is throwing nuclear weapons at the park". A truly unique game that ensures each encounter is unique. (Hungary) 9/10
"DEFCON walks along the same path as previous Introversion games did - it's unique, it's bizarre and it makes global thermonuclear war as entertaining and easy to pick up as a rollercoaster ride. You can easily get into the game, but you'll never master it: DEFCON is pure strategy, where you can easily fall from the top to the bottom of the apocalyptic world."

HC Gamer (Hungary) 90%
"Defcon is the perfect example that you don't have to fill up a DVD with data, spend millions of dollars, or have hundreds of people developing if you want to create something, that can be summarized with one word: cult.
People who like to let their brains work, who desperately seek the perfect "office-game" have met their reckoning. Small development team? Not even a 100 megs in size? For me, the game of the year so far. Congratulations Introversion, we're glad you've finally come."

Press Start Online (UK) 8/9
"Introversion have done it again, and rounded off a hat-trick of utterly unique, utterly brilliant games that continue to shine in the modern gaming landscape. It offers a hugely enticing premise, perfectly balanced and masterfully executed. No doubt we’ll be seeing another excellent hat-trick in the future, but until then lets raise a glass to the end of the world."

Out of 8 (US) 8/8
"DEFCON has a wonderful theme that resonates through the game’s graphics and sound, simulating Cold-War era computing power complete with wire-frame continents and simple mock-ups of aircraft and weapons. The mood of the game is brilliant; there is a reason DEFCON includes a rolling demo, as the game is just plain fun to watch. Oh, and it’s under $20. DEFCON is ultimate pick-up-and-play multiplayer strategy game and I don’t know why you wasted your time reading this review instead of playing. Now go kill some innocent civilians!"
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