Default screenshot problem?

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    Go to the screenshot on the first link, view it, and you'll see it says "out of 10" even though one is listed. Go to the next screenshot and you'll see it's a screenshot of link number 2... and link number 2 and go back one to link number 1's screenshot.

    So basically it's screenshots per category?

    It was kinda' confusing until I realized what it was doing, I thought the uploader didn't have the screenshots correct.

    Can this be fixed? It's a bit misleading.
  2. Costello

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    Oct 24, 2002
    that's because of the script we're using to display the screenshots: it's called lightbox.

    if you check the menu on the left, it lists files in that category. next to each file there's a screenshot icon, you can click it to view screenshots for that file.

    when you click the screenshot, it opens an image box on a dark background: that's the lightbox effect.
    the thing is, when you do that, lightbox creates a sort of automatic gallery of all the images that are on the page (and that are supposed to be opened as lightbox)

    so when you open the main file's screenshot, it creates a gallery of images together with the other screenshots from the menu on the left.

    dunno if i make myself clear but anyway it's on purpose, with this you can check out screenshots from multiple files in a very convenient way.