Deciding Which To Use.

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by JPH, Oct 29, 2007.

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    Jul 11, 2006
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    OK...I am utterly confused when it comes to modding consoles, such as the Wii. If it were about NDS or GBA - I'd be fine and be able to understand most of the information on what to do. I have no idea on how to get the ISOs and burn them and trim them, patch them, etc...but that's not the question I need to be answered, as I will worry about that later and dig that information up.

    Tommorow, I'm sending my Wii disc drive to Takrin, a member of GBAtemp, so that he can solder the modchip into my console (he'll do it for free).

    So, I've included my Wiikey Clone in the package with the Wii disc drive.
    It's a clone, should I still use it;Will it differ ANY with the orignal one?
    Will it function the same, or should I go ahead and dish out 30 or so dollars for a real one?
    Should I use the Wiikey, or it's Clone, at all? I'm completely safe?
    It works with most backups and doesn't screw your system up if there is a firmware update (I've never updated it, the same firmware it came with when I bought it)?

    I've got other modchips that I can consider.
    Takrin offered me the following modchips at the little price of 6 dollars each:

    Wiinja v2

    I don't know about any of them, except the Wiinja, which I probably won't purchase (I thought I'd include it anyways)
    I'm leaning towards the Wiikey because, as it is said in the review, is easy to use.
    I want a chip that functions well, of course, and has updates every now and then (Wiikey being an exception, of course [​IMG])

    Of this sounds like garbage, please excuse and ask questions so that I may clarify.
    Please help me make this decision, as it is my Wii we're talking about! [​IMG]
  2. webjedi

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    Jul 4, 2007
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    I'd be tempted to go with CycloWiz. They have been excellent on CycloDS updates and now first out of the gate on the newest Wii issue. I suspect WiiKey will release a new update sooner than later but you'd be kicking yourself to mod now to only find out no new releases are available for the WiiKey...
  3. JPH

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    Jul 11, 2006
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    So, you're suggesting that I order the CycloWiz for the Wii?
  4. Duracelpupu

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    Oct 29, 2007
    not necessary. if you dont have that big of a hurry, wait like a month-two and lets see what happens (referring to this smg stuff that has been the top topic for the last couple of days)
    edit: but, when chips are that cheap, why not to try some. buy them all [​IMG] (and if can solder chips yourself, then changing the chip isnt a problem;)

    if the wiikey guys can release fully working new firmware etc, then again, cyclowiz and wiikey are in the same line [​IMG]

    interesting will be how big coming (nintendo) games (ssbb etc) work with different chips also.. is there more modifications needed, new code or maybe whole new chip etc.. who knows [​IMG]