December 14th update = broken HBC

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by Sobtanian, Dec 16, 2009.

  1. Sobtanian

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    Hello all

    Have spent the last few hours trawling/trying fixes and not really gotten anywhere.

    My wii is a 4.2E with a WiiKey 2, and the HBC channel installed. I was able to load softchip/neogamma etc for stubborn titles (eg NSMBWii)

    Anyway. I STUPIDLY updated the system via Nintendo update (I know I know, it was a moment of madness!), and also downloaded the nintendo channel and the "today tomorrow" thing.

    After the update, HBC works, but many apps I try to launch within don't work - for eg neogamma, GeckOS, IOS36_rev8 installer, etc etc

    I CAN launch wad manager, and hackmii.

    I tried to reinstall the HBC via hackmii, doesn't fix it.
    I then downloaded pimp my wii, and that actually worked via the HBC. I ran a test and fix and that fixed all the old IOSes, Trucha patched stuff and fixed stubs etc. At the end, it says I don't have any cIOS installed, and I should install some.

    I guess that's the problem? The lack of cIOSes? But am not sure if I can get round this, as I can't seem to get anything running.

    Any help/fix advice much appreciated -thanks
  2. XFlak

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    Sep 12, 2009
    the 4.2 update stubs all your cios' (except for ios250). It would normally delete your homebrew channel, but it sounds like u have the new homebrew channel (title ID=JODI, instead of HAXX) so u dodged that bullet (not that u couldn't recover from that).

    Anyways, u need to use any title deleter mod, and select to use IOS250, then delete ios222, 223 and 249... then use hermes v4 cios installer (for 222/223) then use wanin's cios 249 installer (rev14), then ur laughing!

    if this was too confusing, check out xzxero's stickied mod any wii 4.2 and below guide, u can start from the beginning and it will get u up and running (but since ur wii was softmodded in the past, u don't need to do all the steps in his guide, but redoing them couldn't hurt, and its a simplistic method)

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    btw, this isn't a Dec 4th update, the 4.2 update was released Sept 28, 2009
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    I believe he is referring to the update on Monday Dec 14th
    It was just an update for some channels (Nintendo Channel, Check Mii Out, etc) problem is that it will prompt for an update and then when you run the update it will replace and stub your cIOSes like you said. So basically running any Nintendo update after Sept 28th will have this problem even if it wasn't a specific IOS/SM update.
  4. lightyear

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    Very much agreed [​IMG] ^^^^

    If that doesn't fix it, your next step should be to use pimp my wii because you're either missing or have a stubbed IOS different to those listed above [​IMG]

    If it won't launch as a homebrew app from HBC, just create a wad with the boot.dol from PMW and install it as a channel...then it should run [​IMG]
  5. Sobtanian

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    Just to clarify: My wii was a softmodded 4.2E (and wiikey 2 hardmodded) which was working fine until the December 14th (FOURTEENTH) update.

    The HBC channel works, but from within it I can only run a very few things, as mentioned.

    I will try the fix you mention xflak40 (ie I'll see if I can run title deleter and hermes installer). If they don't work via hbc, then creating a wad is the next step, though I have no idea how.

    Also, I've already ran pimpmywii as mentioned in the OP

    EDIT: am not sure guides that start from scratch will work, cos they involve running something via the HBC - which is where I'm stuck :|
  6. Sobtanian

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    OK have fixed things for now. IOS 249 was the culprit (found that out via wad manager, when I picked IOS249 it stalled, IOS250 is fine).
    Found that I had a cIOS249rev7 wad file, installed that and the apps are loading via HBC.

    I suspect the wii is now a mishmash of crap, so let's see if pimpmywii has anything to fix.