Debate of the Week: Government Decisions


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Nov 18, 2008
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When I say debate, I mean give your opinion, allow others to give theirs, and compare opinions, etc. This isn't intended to be a flame war, and trolls are not welcome. If you can give an intelligent viewpoint on the topic at hand and you can maturely enter a debate without bitching other people, flaming, or arguing, then come on in. If you've got something to say to agree with me, or if you have a differing opinion, speak your mind. Any proper, mature statement is acceptable.

Mods, please lock the topic if it gets to be too out of hand.

Now then, on with the Debate of the Week!

Ok, this week it's government decisions. Personally, I think the government is making all the wrong decisions. (You can bring up points for your respective countries, but for my debate I'm talking about Canada's government) All that they're doing is controlling the people and enforcing ridiculous laws so we can't even breathe without someone telling us we're either doing it wrong or we can't do it. The latest example I have is one that I've shared on the forums earlier. The government is banning the sale of flavored cigars all across the country because they're "targeting minors" by "making the cigars taste like candy". I mean, come on... honestly? That's far from the case. Minors smoke because of peer pressure or they actually find some sort of benefit to it, not because what they smoke has a flavor.
But still, it's been one bad decision after another. What's next, is the government going to force curfews on every single city in the country in order to "cut down on crime at night"? We're not a bunch of 3-year-olds. We can think for ourselves, and we don't need the government to stop us from doing everything we want to do. It feels like the government is trying to restrain us from attempting anything that could possibly have a negative outcome in order for us to "not be hurt". That, in turn, is making us MORE hurt because we won't know how to deal with a situation that may have a negative outcome when it arises. I could majorly branch off there, but that's for a different debate.

What are your thoughts on some of the government's decisions? Again, you can just talk about your country's government, but if you know something about another country's government, debate about that. Just don't mindlessly throw false accusations, as that could easily spark this into a massive flame war. As I said before - Mods, if this gets out of hand with flaming, please close the topic.

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