DeathSpank coming to PC Oct. 26, Mac release planned

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    For a game rooted so squarely in the loot-driven gameplay of PC stalwarts like Diablo, it was a little odd that DeathSpank was initially available only on PS3 and Xbox 360. EA and Hothead have decided to rectify this blow against tradition, announcing that DeathSpank will be bringing his humorous brand of (capital J) Justice to PC later this month. The game will hit PCs on October 26, and a pre-order on Steam will net an extra 10 percent off the usual $14.99 price.

    Additionally, pre-orders of the DeathSpank and Shank bundle will receive a 15 percent discount (Shank will also be released on October 26). A Mac version of DeathSpank is in the works, though the release date is still under wraps. We've contacted Hothead to see if the DeathSpank sequel, Thongs of Virtue, will also make the jump to PC and Mac.[/p]
    Warning: Spoilers inside!
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    This game is so awesome [​IMG]
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    I played the demo by a friends house!

    EDIT: On the PS3.
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    Why would you care?
    I just saw a video of it and it looks awesome, I wish they had mmo's like that.