Death Stranding possibly hinted at for PC release, following removal from list of PS4 exclusives

Discussion in 'GBAtemp & Scene News' started by Chary, Aug 8, 2019.

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    Actually tons since they're all on a Microsoft platform and they actually make money from all the games bought on PC while Sony does less. I guess you missed the part of Bill Gates speech back in the day with the first Xbox console that it was always microsoft's intention to release games on a console plus on pc wich is a Microsoft platform and that they tried to do that even back then but couldn't due to hardware limitations. Plus don't get so offended, i'm mostly a pc gamer so i'm not trying to start a fanboy wars. Since it's quite clear from your comment that you instantly got offended and went in to defensive fanboy mode trying to attack me like i'm an xbox fanboy ?? Well read the signature on my profile, it's quite clear i'm not
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    They're a part of the Xbox brand. So, any Xbox exclusive on PC counts. You're smarter than this.
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  4. AbyssalMonkey

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    Didn't Sony claim that they were going to be releasing their exclusives on PC at one point? Because they finally realized they weren't actually competing with the people who already owned a PC?

    I feel like the statement was quite a few years ago, and considering we haven't seen anything come from it, plus them just now releasing their death grip on cross platform games because of Fortnite, it's probably not coming to PC.

    In any event, it will come to PC eventually, through the power of emulation. I can wait a decade or so. You couldn't force me to play on in-line dual analogue sticks anyway.
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    Feb 14, 2016
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    Didnt they talk about a pc release when they first showed it?
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    Did they? I question that realization. As an owner of both, if a game comes to both, you can bet I'm going to play it on my PC.
  7. Viri

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    One day I will get to play Viva Pinata and Grabbed by the Ghoulies on PC, just you wait! :P
  8. Silent_Gunner

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    *looks at all of the Yakuza games that have been localized to the US on PS4*
  9. Rommstain

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    Stadia release seems unlikely, considering Sony has its own game streaming service.

    Epic Exclusive? Well we finally got Journey on PC through them, so who knows. Maaay-be Epic offered Sony a bigger share of Fortnite microtransactions? A tasty morsel of exclusive tit-for-tat?
  10. chrisrlink

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    i'm getting sick of epic now cause of their IP Snatching hope it isn't them
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    Please come to PC. I actually contemplated getting a used PS4 just for DS, but if it comes out for PC I'll be saving a lot of money. Come on Tim Sweeney, you can do this.
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    I don't think Sony could possibly pay Kojima enough to keep this exclusive indefinitely. It'll come to PC (and possibly XB1) a year after release at most. If it was going to be a PS4/PS5 exclusive, they still would've kept the "only on Playstation" logo.
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    Seems like you are being honest to be a person who knows nothing about Xbox brand (games and services) and yes you are being a troll just for that. The games you mentioned are just a few from Xbox and are from 3 to 6 years ago. What were you doing in these 3 to 6 years? Were you sleeping on a cave or something..

    Regarding Death Stranding.. if it come to PC i will definitely welcome it, it is a Kojima game so there is no reason not to play it when i get some spare time ofc.
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